Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ever Feel Alone, bad, weak?

These feelings are terrible.  They can hold us fast, hold us from living
fully, living in victory.  They keep us locked into a lifestyle we know we
should change.  They keep us second guessing every single decision.  They
keep us living in fear of the unknown.

What if...

What if when someone being bullied by life, got the strongest person
to break through all walls, knock aside those who would want to
cause their soul harm.  Some one who would smile at them everyday
and tell them how loved and powerful they were because they are
there for them.  Some one to love them this much!

Guess what?

God is this for us! 

This is how much He loves you!

Isaiah 53: 10-11b (paraphrased)

The Lord's will was to crush His son Christ.  To make Him suffer.
So that Christ's life would be a offering for our sin.  The Lord's will,
 will prosper.  After His son's suffering, The Lord will see the
"light of Life" and be satisfied. His son will wear our sins
and Christ's death will justify Many!

This is so powerful.  The realization God loved us so much.
That He wanted to bring us to heaven with Him and the only way
to do this was to put His own beloved son to death! 

This scripture says " it was the Lords will to CRUSH Him"

How much are you loved?  How much are you looked after.
How much does the Father of all that is good and perfect
want you in His family.  How much does he want to strengthen
you?  How much does he want you to be HIS?

So much that it was His Will to CRUSH His son!

 He only requires this from us.  Realize you are sinful. Make a
conscious decision to turn from sin with Gods power raging  through you.  
Believe that His Son was and is  perfect.  Believe His Son's death has the
Almighty power to save you  from your sin.

He so wants us to live abundant lives.  He wants us to live our
lives with strength.  He wants us to live our lives with Freedom

IICor 3:17  Now the Lord is the Spirit.  Where the Spirit of the
Lord is, there is freedom.

From my darkest place I read of your love and am amazed!!
From your Word screams life, light and perfectness
Help me to look, to really see, through lifes fog to what I can be.

Power rages through your love.  Forgivness shouts from the hills.
Your world is wonderful.  Your Son perfectly awesome.
Bring me to my knees, with the realization of your perfect love for me.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

If we could grasp the love and goodness of God, fear would be only a memory. Thanks! Love your name, by the way. :)

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