Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Plea for a Crazy, Complicated, Hurtful, Lovely, Suprising, Beautiful, Ugly, Heartwrenching, meaninful LIFE

This may seem to go unnoticed.  I myself in an effort not to be drug into the saddness of it all, often stay away from articles or videos about abortion. it's depressing.  It's demoralizing.  It's haunting.

At some point those with this strong moral belief must take a risk and let others know what they believe to be true.  Even when they are overlooked.  When they are ridiculed. When they don't think anyone cares about their beliefs.  Because what if at the end of our lives their is a God who has seen it all.  What if He says  "and what did you do with the mind, heart, hands, brain, speech, ability to type ...  that I gave you?"

It's scary that America has taken these, medically and scientifically labeled tiny HUMAN bodies and literally packed them into the trash cans throughout America. We are in the depths of the greatest deception ever whispered or bullied people into adhering to.  This is not about judgment on what some women did or choose to do or are going to do or were talked into by boyfriends or society or spouses or even well meaning parents.   I have hugged more than one crying tearful friend as she recalled this death of her unborn child.  Why aren't we hearing those millions of stories?   How that extremely painful memory haunts them. How the feeling of regret grips and tears at them on a regular basis.  Are they loved and adored and being sought out to be befriended by the same God that loves and befriends me? Absolutely. Remember, He allowed His son to be brutally killed for the women that has had more than one abortion.  My heart and love goes out to any women who has gone through this.  If you know me, you know it does.

Let's please just get real for one moment.  Millions of women over the past decade have miscarried more than once. Cried, prayed, begged God to allow them to have this gift of life growing in them. Millions of abortions are preformed every year.  It's so easy to say " It's a simple procedure" "It's a women's choice" or even "Do you know what back street abortions do to women?"  "Do you know the pain and heartache that women will have to endure for the rest of their lives?"  It's not simple.  No one truthfully thinks it's simple. Is it a women's choice?  Women throughout history have been The Reason in a world plagued with war and violence.  We have been the armor wearing protectors for our children.  Have we been so influenced by violence that we really think this is a simple procedure?  Now, we are ending our babies lives before they get to breath the air.   As for the bloody, mangling, and possible death of women who are forced to have back street abortions... I have never been able to sit and watch abortion videos that have been taken in secret because of the carnage of  tiny bodies, hands and legs.  Lastly, yes I know what a mom looks like who is facing a life she can not handle.  A life where regrets abound.  A life that is too much for her to handle.  I have seen women face actual fire, life long pain, starvation, brutality... all in place of their childrens pain.  And you know what they are blessed by the God in heaven.  They are revered and remembered.  They are what other wise women emulate.  To me that is the definition of women and/or mother. Besides can we actually predict the future enough to tell a women her life will be better off if she has an abortion?  Are we really teaching the future generations how to have an easier life?   We have been.  Do you know what life actually looks like for young people who's life was made simple?  You do know what reality TV is, right?  It's full of it.

This is one of the biggest lies our society has ever manufactured.  That it is okay.  That these tiny humans are better off, the mother is better off and that the right to take a life is a women's right.  It is a life.  It is using its lungs, it is moving, it knows pain, it smiles. By any stretch of the imagaination, IT is a life waiting to be born into a crazy, complicated, hurtful, lovely, supriseing, beautiful, ugly, heartwretching,  meaningful life.

I am seriously praying over this post.  What if one person sees it?  What if it breaks through the wall of deceit built up in a women, who is in crisis?  A lot of what I write is actually for me.  Reminders of what God has done.  What I need to be doing, that I'm not.  Scriptures to help me actually deal with a life sometimes out of my control. This is for someone else.  This plea is for someone to pass along, in the spirit of love.  It's for someone.  I know it is.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world (... every unborn child, every women who is going to or has had an abortion, me and my one million sins) that He gave is only son, so that WHO EVER believes on Him may have eternal life.

God loves this sometimes mindless World.  Spread His truth.  Even when it seems like no one wants to hear it.  No word of God sent out, comes back empty.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Old ships, the deep and God

I hate the feeling when God focuses on my sin!
I love when I feel clean and my relationship is fluid again with Him!
I hate when I feel insecure and plain.
I love when fully submerged in His word, it's His power I claim!
I hate ...HATE, grumbling, selfishness and fear.
I love when I let go of these and He begins to steer!

Life’s wars are waged in the deep.  The deepest part of my forgotten darkened heart. They surface from time to time and force me to cry out.  Do I cry out for peace, happiness and calm or do I call out to a savior who wants to dominate this deep swallowing place?  The savior, who when repurposing this old and worn out ship, tears out sin, rips through feelings of inadequacies, burns away all my flesh’s addictions.  The Christian walk isn’t for the faint of heart.  I Thank God when He comes in.  He brings strength and purpose.  With out Him I would fall deep into these oceans of peril that I like to pretend are small shallow pools of everyday meaningless fears, mistakes and sin.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Revived Abundant Life

In my spiritual  immaturity I forgot the struggle against sin and I forgot patience.  I rushed into events that would forever change my future.

In my present I still forget patience, struggle with sin and rush and then change the path of my future.

Now that I am redeemed… when I forget struggles, patience and rush and change, I realize so have many founders of our faith.  Moses did  (more than once) so did Abraham, Samson ect.    Their life lines and the events in their lives drastically changed.  Years of more training were necessary.  Pain also infiltrated the lives of those they loved.  Yet…  God did amazing things through these men.

This does not excuse my impatience and/or lack of faith.  What I have learned is this.  We are no better or no worse than these Godly men.  God is no respecter of people. Even Paul told of his struggle against sin.  Paul went straight to God with a repentant heart.  He took his disgust over his sin and turned it completely over.

When we realize the consequence of our impatience, we should not roll around in disgust, in sadness, in foreboding.   Repent, realizing we will have to walk down this path we have chosen.  Then, remember God loves us the same as before.  Our future may be altered BUT His power through our future obedience can do miraculous things.  A repentant heart is key here! His grace allows a positive, rewarding, Kingdom building, abundant life.

Repent, grow and move on down this road.  God is never surprised at our mistakes. He wants an abundant life for all of us.  Not an easy one.  Not a perfect one.  Not one with out heartache… but His word is filled with verse after verse of His promises.  His promises of joy are not stripped away because we jump out of His will for a moment or a season. (Hard for my past legalistic mind to grasp)

He can take the darkest of paths and shine a light so bright that we will be inspired to make the right decision the next time one is presented.


Paul’s struggle
For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me” (Romans 7:18-20). 

“Opening his mouth, Peter said: "I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality”  Acts 10:34

Gods delights and Gods abundance
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.” Jeremiah 9:24

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 6:14

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Breathing and being Redeemed 

A Breath to breathe in these hurried eventful days.
Hurrying for family, school, friends, keeps us running all different ways.

Rushing and moving.  Trying to be all to everyone and everything.
Asking "What have I missed, what else to the table can I possibly bring."

They all need my attention.  Work, this house and life.
Worrying, overreaching, forgetting joy and peace will always lead to strife.

Many times we're searching, reaching for Gods grace and approval.
We miss the point that its "Only Jesus" that makes us redeemable. 

It's not what we do.  Its not our list of "righteousness" that makes us loved.
It's faith in "Only Jesus" and His gift and grace that grants favor from above. 

We must stop trying to gain righteousness and approval by all we do.
We must remember its "Only Jesus" that will lead to peace and truth.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you? He requires only that you fear the LORD your God, and live in a way that pleases him, and love him and serve him with all your heart and soul. And you must always obey the LORD's commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good."

Deuteronomy 10:12-13
I had this verse come up in one of the Daily On Line Apps I subscribe to. When I first read it my sarcastic tired brain said "Is that ALL, really? Just ALWAYS fear God, ALWAYS obey, ALWAYS love, ALWAYS serve."  He ONLY requires ALL of these things.

Then I remembered I am not a immature 14 year old who just got a lecture from my parents. I am a women saved from an unspeakable darkness and a painful eternity.  I am a child of God given the gift of grace during my first breath of Christianity.  A grace that will never be taken back.  A mercy that could never be earned.

God's word says to weigh the consequences of your commitment.  The weight of my commitment is to receive  ALL of the greatest, most sacrificial gift and to give ALL ... What I must do is,  ONLY love, ONLY obey,  AlWAYS fear, to ONLY serve Him.

ALL this Only and ALWAYS seems so light and easy to bear.

God never said you had to be the most beautiful, the one with the cleanest home, the most money, the one with the most well behaved children, the one most agreed with on Facebook or even the most well liked.

He says to obey,fear, love and serve and it will be good for your entire life.

Monday, December 24, 2012

How Can I Forget

How can I forget, that face so pure and small.
How can I forget, that heart so tiny yet so full of love.

As earths troubles and wars and senseless deeds fill my heart with fear, how can I forget that tiny ray of hope that brought salvation here.

How can I forget, that feeling of utter thanksgiving.
How can I forget, the peace I felt from my new beginning.

As life's issues and problems threaten to pull me under and rake me over, how can I forget that tiny bundle and His promise to deliver.

How can I forget, the blackest low and my darkest nights.
How can I forget, the truth that brought me back from death to life.

When I wage my war on pain and regret and set my mind to His Love and power,  I grasp onto that tiny manger and watch His blessings shower.

How can I forget, the peace and harmony my heart feels.
How can I forget, That one child, came, gave and heals.

Don't stop celebrating!  Don't stop giving!  Do stop the worry.  Do stop that empty feeling.  All He did was as if, for only one.  That tiny baby and His gift will give the only hope and life when all the tinsel is down and all the presents are done.

How can we forget, when blessings and warmth abound.
We can never forget, if we praise God and spread His gift around.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Un - understandable 

You should never read the comments after posts on line.  At least I shouldn't.  My stomach is twisted and my heart and mind are heavy to read how some people call God, imperfect, non-caring, inactive in our world or worse dead.

It's impossible to understand why things have to happen.  Why innocent children are hurt or killed.  I can not give condolence to another parent that will actually take away their pain.  

I Have Seen God take some of the worst experiences humans can face and turn hearts and lives to peace in Him.  I don't believe for a second it is God's will that any should be hurt, murdered, destroyed or perish.  The only thing God can not do is force our world to come into a relationship with Him.  Unless every person on Earth does, His will, will not be done, not all the time.  But His power to, over whelm grief and give peace, to sooth hearts, to give purpose after life altering loss and pain is real.  I have felt it in my life.

I have looked into the eyes of evil and loss and was changed because of it.  I have raised my tear streaked face to heaven and cried "Why".  He brought me from a mound of brokenness, to a life that has the opportunity to help others come to know His peace.  I have heard the words of grace come from a mother grieving the loss of her baby girl who drowned only yards away from her.  I have looked into the face of a women who's husband was shot and she went through unspeakable horrors during a home invasion. She still loved and believed in God's goodness and her testimony has changed other hurting lives for the better.   I have held women who were in tears, years later, after reliving or retelling  about the abortion  they believed was the only way out of a pregnancy they were not ready for.  I have talked with women who's children died after coming home from the hospital, after loving on them and seeing their sweet faces. Their words of praise to God lifted at least a hundred women to praise God during the trials they were facing.  They were encouraged and strengthened because of this women's faith.  I have seen a murdered wife's widow find peace and share God's undying love and caring.  There are many more story's of loss and pain I could lay out here.  Many more story's to gruesome to put into this post.

I will try not to be offended by those who say things like "there is no God" or "God is dead".  I will understand that great tragedy makes us at times loose our way or faith.  I will only try to reach out in truth to a world who doesn't always understand God's purpose and power.  I can't understand God's reasoning for these types of things.  How could I?  How could anyone?  All we know is what we read in the Bible.  All I know is the result of His hand of power in my life, whether its to sooth and mend a broken devastated heart and a wayward life.  Whether its to protect us from the million other tragedy's we know nothing about.  Whether it is to use these horrific tragedy's to bring lost souls to Him ... somehow.  It's impossible to understand.  But I have seen His love and undying devotion first hand.

Don't give up on the notion of God.  I wish I knew all the answers that are thrown out there.  All the "WHY's".  I don't.  It would be ridiculous of me to attempt to explain anything outside the realm of what I have lived.  For me, its belief in God that has not made my life perfect or easy or understandable at times.  It is His promise to never leave, to always turn tears into promise, either for me or another person I meet.  It is His power that propels people who have been through great tragedy, to keep going, to keep giving, to inspire, to mend, to live their lives for the good of others and not be forever lost in their own un-understandable grief.

My heart and prayers go out to these families.  I can not diminish their loss with anything I can write.  I can say how I feel and how I wish God's love on them.  I can hope they will realize His peace that passes all understanding.

Monday, December 17, 2012

What Will I Do?  What Are We Willing To Do?

So many story's and commentaries on this horrific tragedy.  I know I can not offer any answers or any words, written better than what have already been expressed.

What can we DO?  How can we protect our children, our family's, our own lives?  How can we reach out in love to these family's that
have lost these tiny ones?  Lost Mothers and daughters.  Lost wives.  Lost those who were the light of their lives.

How can we prevent this tragedy from happening again and again and again?

So many heavy hearts in the mornings and nights following the news of this tragedy.  Praying and praying.  Tears and more tears.

These things I do know
  • Heaven rejoiced as these children entered their gates.
  • Heaven was somber at our distress.
  • God was sending peace to those ready to receive it.
  • God is working to change hearts and minds in the midst of these and other senseless deaths.
  • God will make good on His promise, that vengeance is His and His alone.
  • We can make  a difference in regard to our civilization.
  • We can come up with a better way to protect our precious children from gun fire at school, at stores at movie theaters.
  • We must make changes.
  • We must never again think "the chance of a shooting like this is a million to one".
  • We must love our children with the kind of love that our Heavenly Father loves us.  Constant.  Always putting their needs above our own. 
  • We must not hate or ridicule a parent with a child who is different and hard to handle.
  • We must see a troubled soul and find a way to protect the community they live in.
  • We must make it safe for a parent to come forward and say, my child is troubled and he has threatened to kill him/her self and others.
  • There must be swift and immediate action.
  • We must allow God into our lives and hearts.  We must study His word and ask for wisdom.  
  • We must find a way to save lives and protect our children from the harm we have seen in this country. 

We all know it.  We all feel it deep within us.  What can we do?
We have rallied because of money.  People have slept in tents and in the streets for months because of money.  Where do we go, what are we willing to do to protect our children and families?  Are we prepared to step on toes.  Are we ready to ask our schools "what have you put in place to protect our children from this type of tragedy?"  I will be asking my school this.  I will wake up and realize a small, seemingly safe school no longer is just that.  This can happen anywhere. 

What will you do to make a difference.  What will you do besides cry, worry, feel anger?   God's word even says "Faith, with out works is dead."  We should pray first and last and every moment in between.  But...We must act!  We must talk to our schools, our government, we must not allow this to happen again.  We must do what once seemed to be "overboard".  This IS the world we live in. It has been proved with out a shadow of a doubt.  It is a sad reality but a true one.  I will be asking our school what changes they are making.  Will you?  Will you step out and demand change?  Will we let this tragedy make us stronger and smarter?  Or will this tragedy fade in time.  Will we put our heads in the sand?  Will we be to afraid to demand change?  Will we speak up and offer possible solutions.  What will you do to protect your children, my child, the community around us?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Feeling Worthy?"

"We pleaded with you, encouraged you, and urged you to live your lives in a way that God would consider worthy. For he called you to share in his Kingdom and glory."
1 Thessalonians 2:12, NLT

Do we ever really feel worthy?  Do we ever really feel good enough?  Especially "Good Enough" for God?  The answer is probably ... NO.

Often, time and time again we must do what is worthy of God's goodness instead of following how we feel or even how we see ourselves.  God is watching, not to strike us down at our moments of weakness  sinful natures or wrong choices.  But His perfectness along side His infinite grace should be compelling us to Love, trust and fully obey Him, as we walk this human road on our way to His Kingdom and His Glory.

He is worthy of our Living a Godly life.
He is worthy of our continual Praise.

We were sinful and full of shame
God freed us with His precious grace.

Be compelled to be righteous, to be worthy.
One day we will stare into His Holy and Righteous Face.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Governments and Falling

In my study of Daniel, I have been confused, misguided a time or two, bewildered, inspired, and at the very least, affected.

Looking at our political climate and seeing our country's disgust of Christianity, their laughter in the face of an Eternal and Most powerful God - I have become mortified. It's hard to hear such brazen rhetoric of those who oppose anything that believes in a God, speaks about God or trusts there is a creator.   Mortified because I have such a small voice.  I have nearly no bravery.  I have missed the mark on spreading His truth more than a time or two.

My prayer this morning as I began my study of this prophetic book of Daniel, giving special detail to chapter 7 and the governments that rose and fell.  Those who oppressed God's saints were destroyed for it.  I prayed that God would take what I am reading and not only get me charged up for battle, not only ignite a weary soul, but for Him to do what I can not.  I can not change my heart.  Only He can.  I know He will - through obedience, which is my part.  Through study, which is also my part. Through worship, which is my part.  Through His eminent grace and wisdom.  Through Him we can become what only He sees us as.

Here is a little insert of Matthew Henry's Commentary of Daniel (Chapter 7).

All people, nations, and languages, shall fear Him, and be under His jurisdiction, either as His willing subjects or as His conquered captives, to be either ruled or overruled by Him. One way or another, the kingdoms of the world shall all become His kingdoms.  An everlasting kingdom.  His dominion shall not pass away to any successor, much less to any invader, and His kingdom is that which shall not be destroyed. Even the gates of hell, or the infernal powers and policies, shall not prevail against it. The church shall continue militant to the end of time, and triumphant to the endless ages of eternity. 

(Daniel 7:25-27)

I can not begin to dissect these scriptures from Daniel and teach you anything about them.  I have many more hours of pouring over this to get it at all intelligible just to myself.  But...I will take this away from it and pass it along - no matter what is going on in the World around us.  In our political, climatic, nauseating, fear and panic inducing moments.  Know this to be true.

God will prevail.  He will give us grace and peace along the way if we are obedient.  (I think He has often given me grace and peace even when I have messed up terrifically.) Keep praying, keep waging war, not on our neighbors who differ so greatly from us, but wage war with the truth. Knowing Satan and sin have deceived so many.  Wage it through prayer and our standing firm in the midst of a society who laughs, scorns, twists and perverts God's perfect plan.

In the end He will rule and all will either fall or come graciously under 
His Government.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Needed

On the horizon I gaze, frozen.  The tempest of this
world sweeps in with worry and with its pain.
I see the waters of fear, around my feet begin to rise.

I feel the murky sea of the impossible start to
swell at my soul and dread steadily begins to
drown this heart of mine.

He see's me in my watery circumstance.  His
breath blows the evil away.  The water is parted.
The ground beneath my sinking feet becomes dry.

I race to what used to be the waters edge.  His
arms are wide and embrace is true and warm.
Now, tears of praise I can cry.

I look back to what used to be my possible
grave.  I see there is still a raging ocean of life.
Yet, I am free.  I no longer believe dread and its lies.

Never alone. Never abandoned.  His Word is
my salvation during my fearfulness.  He is my
Lord, my forgiver, my needed, my Light.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I look out beyond the various greens of the trees
looking past their stature.
I notice the deepest blue so full of life, color so extreme.
I look and wonder, "How does God really evaluate me?"

I am amazed at women with limitless faith,
Like peering past the vibrant greens.
Do they see their own paths as beautiful and straight?
I wonder with all my ups and downs, is God
keeping score on His giant infinite slate?

I've heard true sanctification can be immediate and fulfilling.
For me its been a process.
Removing myself to see what God is revealing.
Colors in my life haven't always been bright, but
there's growth. I believe to God, they're appealing.

God, so far above what my earthly sinful soul can conceive.
I honor you, I worship you, I sing blessings for
what I have learned and what I believe.
Because of your grace and gifts I get to move forward, on this
sanctifying, not always brightly colored but beautiful journey. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who's Truth Are You Listening To

I hate those little voices.  The ones that creep up on you on a day of tiredness, after one of life's many stumbles. The day after bad news. They say you aren't doing a good job.  They say you have made way to many mistakes to be effective.  They say your social standing may have been more important than your ideals.  They say you aren't worthy of success.  They say "why did you even think you would be good at this thing called parenthood, marriage".  They say anything that will be assured to drag you down and then "they" sit and smile while you find yourself in tears.

I hate them because there is truth in those words spoken in the darkness.

I have made a million and one mistakes.
I have been wrong.
I have underestimated the enemy.
I have been lazy.
I have been foolhardily on my own when God's voice was desperately trying to show me the real way home.

But ...With those truths said.  There is an even more important truth...

I have a God who is faithful... and perfect... and the creator of this wonderful universe... and ... and ... and

Somehow, someway in the midst of those tiny screaming voices I still forget God's truth.

I loose my self to my deapest fears.

Then something beautiful happens, because He knows me...because I know the sound of His voice...because He gave me a helper that will never leave me alone in the frailty of humanness. I can hear Him over the spoonfuls of curses the enemy is feeding me.  If I choose to, I can reach for Him.  When I do that, He always pulls me from the darkness and empty threats and sets me on solid ground again.

He brings those voices to the quite of His perfectness and renders them mute.

Then in His quietness I can hear and understand Him again. In His quietness there is strength.  In His quietness there is re-purpose. In His quietness there is a sound of only one voice and one truth.

God is greater than I can ever understand.
I am carved in His Hand.
He will never let me Go.
I am never alone.
I am His beloved child.
He is my provider and protector.
With Him and because of Him I have the strength to move mountains.

No other voice speaks more truth than His voice.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just and Faith

Ever come into the situations in life that you absolutely know can go off the rails, crash at your feet and leave you heartbroken? Those situations you can prepare for but the outcome is purely out of your control.

Ever want to squirm into the middle of that situation?  Ever want to jump head long into the middle of it and start telling everyone involved what to do and how to act when the situation arises?  Ever want to take over and be the God of that situation?

You know best, after all.  You know the people involved. Their shortcomings.  Their strengths. You know God's word.  You 
know His teachings. You know what you want this situation to look like when it's all said and done.

God says "Just have Faith"

The words just and faith tingle in your ear.  They play over and over again in your mind.  Definitively that still small voice.

Sometimes its just faith.  The only works to go along with the faith is prayer and a pleasant attitude.  Just put that chin up, smile, think positive, and pray for God's hand to move.

God is a giver.  A giver of substance.  A giver of Life.  A giver of rules.  A giver of faith.  A giver of grace.

Take a moment today and think about that situation that is like figuring out a jugger-not.  Stop wanting to interfere. Stop playing God.  Stop wanting to run the show.  Stop thinking God doesn't want the best for you and all involved.  

Start with thinking...  
                                "Just" and "Faith"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Child's Witness

A wonderful friend and person I love dearly approached me the other day and said..

"You will never guess what your daughter said to me."

Ready for the worst I listened with a worried intent look on my face.

"She asked me if I believe in God.  She asked if I listened to K-love and if I did, did I sing along.  I told her yes I believe in God and she said,

"well, just in case you don't, let me show you something" ...

"Then she ran and grabbed an egg carton under your cabinet and inside were all these strange little toy pieces. She carefully opened it and began telling me about Jesus dying on the cross".

I write this not to clap for my daughter (though my heart jumped in happiness when I was told this story) but to encourage mothers who are desperately  trying to reach their children for Christ.  If you are wondering, hoping, begging God at times, inching along in faith.  God will not let these days be for nothing.  Even when we don't see,  when we constantly correct, when we see our little ones act out and we really begin to wonder if any of our teaching is getting through.   God see's and God promises and God is faithful to His word.

I would have never known this story if this person hadn't of brought it up.  My daughter never did.  I feel like it just happened so naturally that she never thought it was a big deal.  I would have been sweating bullets, shaking, wondering if I was doing it right.  Then I would have put it on FaceBook about how God got me through this important conversation. (Not really but you get my point)

God is willing to do great things.  Make Christ the center of your life.  Stumble and fall as we all do.  Talk about sin and redemption.  Lets talk more about The Friend Who Sticks Closer Than A Brother.  Lets explain more about His Holy sacrifice so we could have so much.  It's amazing to see what God can do through this, fallen yet redeemed, constantly mothering, sometimes sinful vessel.

I am as far from "Good" as the next person.  Yet God has given me this tiny child to mold. In my attempts at getting the truth across I have been heavy handed, hovering, lacking faith in His perfectness.   It's only Him that gets the job done correctly.  Its only His perfectness that can take a mom like me and use her to help this child spread the word about His Greatness, His compassion, His expectation of Holiness and His complete sacrifice for our sins.

I may never know the impact of this child's witness.  But it was a lesson I will not ever forget.

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