Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Child's Witness

A wonderful friend and person I love dearly approached me the other day and said..

"You will never guess what your daughter said to me."

Ready for the worst I listened with a worried intent look on my face.

"She asked me if I believe in God.  She asked if I listened to K-love and if I did, did I sing along.  I told her yes I believe in God and she said,

"well, just in case you don't, let me show you something" ...

"Then she ran and grabbed an egg carton under your cabinet and inside were all these strange little toy pieces. She carefully opened it and began telling me about Jesus dying on the cross".

I write this not to clap for my daughter (though my heart jumped in happiness when I was told this story) but to encourage mothers who are desperately  trying to reach their children for Christ.  If you are wondering, hoping, begging God at times, inching along in faith.  God will not let these days be for nothing.  Even when we don't see,  when we constantly correct, when we see our little ones act out and we really begin to wonder if any of our teaching is getting through.   God see's and God promises and God is faithful to His word.

I would have never known this story if this person hadn't of brought it up.  My daughter never did.  I feel like it just happened so naturally that she never thought it was a big deal.  I would have been sweating bullets, shaking, wondering if I was doing it right.  Then I would have put it on FaceBook about how God got me through this important conversation. (Not really but you get my point)

God is willing to do great things.  Make Christ the center of your life.  Stumble and fall as we all do.  Talk about sin and redemption.  Lets talk more about The Friend Who Sticks Closer Than A Brother.  Lets explain more about His Holy sacrifice so we could have so much.  It's amazing to see what God can do through this, fallen yet redeemed, constantly mothering, sometimes sinful vessel.

I am as far from "Good" as the next person.  Yet God has given me this tiny child to mold. In my attempts at getting the truth across I have been heavy handed, hovering, lacking faith in His perfectness.   It's only Him that gets the job done correctly.  Its only His perfectness that can take a mom like me and use her to help this child spread the word about His Greatness, His compassion, His expectation of Holiness and His complete sacrifice for our sins.

I may never know the impact of this child's witness.  But it was a lesson I will not ever forget.


The Phillips Family said...

Awwww, love this. That is definitely a "my cup runneth over" moment.

Laura Hodges Poole said...

We can learn much from our children and their simplistic approach to life and spirituality. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

Wonderful post.

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