Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part 3 "Discussion or Decapitation"

Discussion or Decapitation

I left the room, a blank expression on my face.  I was worn out.  I was doing
battle in the words of our talk.  I knew how important each word I spoke
was.  I knew God was there too.  I knew He would fight and move and soften
where He needed to.  I knew I was in God's hands.

"This is not easy"

"This is so hard".

Getting into important topics with people we love, are commanded to honor, fathers, mothers, husbands, even other church members, can feel like maneuvering through a mine field.

But...when we get into topics like these, I know it is not about me winning.
It is not about me holding up the Lord as a weapon.  It is not about decapitating
the enemy.  It is about love, honesty, prayer and hope.

It is not about letting fear rule the conversation.  It is not about being right.
It is about letting God move.  Not me.

-  Speak the truth in love
-  Fear not
-  We wrestle not against flesh and blood
-  Honor your husband
-  Honor your mother and father
-  Believe in God's will

These all play into our conversations each day.  They also are in each discussion
that is hard.  It's easy to get swept away in the emotion of a conversation.  It is,
but it is not "OK".  Keep God in control while we engage.  Speak truth as we
engage.  It is spiritual warfare.  It is not our ego, our feelings, our expectation to prove our "rightness" that matters.  God will prove.  We cannot change
someone's heart and mind.  We are commanded to speak the truth in love.  The love here is as important as the truth part.

God created us in His image!  I believe He totally understands the in's and out's, up's and down's, fears about and braveness through.  Let Him guide you through these difficult conversations.  To do that we must submit to His will, His out come. 
We must lay ourselves down at His feet, allow Him to put on the armor, the weaponry that we need to do battle.  We are not here to route out evil!  We are to infuse goodness, to instruct each other in Godly things. We are not here to change someone's heart, we are not equipped to do that.  Only God is.  Show the truth with love.  Bring the truth to someone's doorstep even when you must push your way through all their defenses by crawling through the mud to get to them.

Sometimes God calls us into conversation, discussion, battles.  We must speak up.  We must speak His truth. We must not undue all Gods good and get lost in emotions that over whelm us.  Keep steady and calm knowing we are not in charge here.  God is.  Speak truth and let God work.


Stefanie Brown said...

I believe this, too:

"God created us in His image! I believe He totally understands the in's and out's, up's and down's, fears about and braveness through. Let Him guide you through these difficult conversations."

Thankful He's a Father who understands us and desires to help us through ANYTHING!

Encouraging post today...

Anonymous said...

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