Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"The Tininess"

"The Tininess"

I see her standing in the midst of a few friends.  They are laughing and waiting for another to catch up.  They actually look like tiny teenagers.  My heart sinks a little.  She is growing up so fast.  Much to fast.  I miss the days of tiny baths and cutting everything into tiny pieces.  Tiny clothes and tiny hugs.  Her tininess  has given way to a young lady.

At that moment I feel a rush of excitement and a cold dash of terror.  I immediately send a quick heart felt prayer up to God.

"Lord, you know most the time I don't feel like I know exactly what I am doing.  Lord you know I struggle with being a hovering mom.  You know my expectations are set high and often stream outside who she really is.  Lord in heaven that created this whole universe.  You know me so very well.  Please Lord please give me enough grace and wisdom to raise this growing girl into the women you want her to be.  Don't let my insecurities become a stumbling block for her growth.  Help me teach her grace,kindness and compassion.  Help me to show her that You are in every part of her life.  That if she will love You, really fall in love with You, that her life will have more meaning than any earthly pursuit.  That only what is done for You and Your kingdom will last."

These days are fleeting and few.  Enjoy all the tininess while you can.  Because growing up is inevitable and entering into their own lives will come quickly.  In 15 years, we won't cry over them not listening.  We will wish we would have been more patient, been able to smile more through our aggravation and exhaustion.  We will miss those few moments where they let us hold them and they were actually still.  We won't feel the aggravation of the moments when you have said no 17 times and they still won't listen.  I don't believe when they are starting their own lives, that we will say,  "whew.... I am glad that is over!"  We will either look back and say "What an awesome journey! or we will look back with pangs of regret.

The tiny years are almost gone.  "Lord, help me to love every part of this journey.  Help me to seek You every time I am overwhelmed by this precious, awesome responsibility.  I know hard times will always be lurking around the corner.  I also know You are stronger then anything that lies ahead.  You have promised that that strength lies in me because of You!

Why I think what I think:
Psalm 127:3-5
James 1:20
Psalm 37:8
Philippians 4:7

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