Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Needed

On the horizon I gaze, frozen.  The tempest of this
world sweeps in with worry and with its pain.
I see the waters of fear, around my feet begin to rise.

I feel the murky sea of the impossible start to
swell at my soul and dread steadily begins to
drown this heart of mine.

He see's me in my watery circumstance.  His
breath blows the evil away.  The water is parted.
The ground beneath my sinking feet becomes dry.

I race to what used to be the waters edge.  His
arms are wide and embrace is true and warm.
Now, tears of praise I can cry.

I look back to what used to be my possible
grave.  I see there is still a raging ocean of life.
Yet, I am free.  I no longer believe dread and its lies.

Never alone. Never abandoned.  His Word is
my salvation during my fearfulness.  He is my
Lord, my forgiver, my needed, my Light.

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