Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I look out beyond the various greens of the trees
looking past their stature.
I notice the deepest blue so full of life, color so extreme.
I look and wonder, "How does God really evaluate me?"

I am amazed at women with limitless faith,
Like peering past the vibrant greens.
Do they see their own paths as beautiful and straight?
I wonder with all my ups and downs, is God
keeping score on His giant infinite slate?

I've heard true sanctification can be immediate and fulfilling.
For me its been a process.
Removing myself to see what God is revealing.
Colors in my life haven't always been bright, but
there's growth. I believe to God, they're appealing.

God, so far above what my earthly sinful soul can conceive.
I honor you, I worship you, I sing blessings for
what I have learned and what I believe.
Because of your grace and gifts I get to move forward, on this
sanctifying, not always brightly colored but beautiful journey. 

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