Saturday, October 1, 2011

Butterfields -N- Butterfies
Card Line

These are individual hand painted Cards

Place your order by leaving a comment with your email address in the
comment box.  If you would like you can also email me directly at

Choose from what Velum inserts you want.
(1 velum per card)

-  You are Inscribed on the Palm of His Hand

- You are in my Thoughts and Prayers

-  Life is Special with Friends like You

-  May Your Birthday be as special as You are

Choose which style you choose or mix
and match for a three pack.

(Be sure to include the names of your favorite cards in your orders.  They are
located beneath each picture)


Pack of three cards, regular size is $12.00

Single cards are $4.00 a piece

Tiny inspirations are sold 3 to a pack.  $6.00 per pack

Christmas Gift Cards are $3.50.  A pack of three for $10.00.

Velum is included in price and be sure to pick the inserts
that suit your needs the best.

There is no shipping fee for all orders unless you are ordering
three, three packs or more.

Pink Flowers
Blue Flowers
Blue Flowers (dark background)
Example of Velum inserts

Green Leaves, Pink Flowers
Single Pink
Your in My Thoughts and Prayers
You are Inscribed on the Palm of His Hand
Heart of Love

Tiny Inspiration #1 (inserts available are:  You are in my Thoughts and Prayers)
(2 3/4' by 4')

Tiny Inspiration #2
Tiny Inspiration #2 (with insert)

Christmas Gift Card Pack (2 3/4' by 4')
Christmas Gift Card 

Christmas Gift Card 
Life is Special with Friends like You (insert)

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The Darling Dukes said...

I must say how talented you are friend!

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