Thursday, June 2, 2011

"His Grace" 

I have felt grace extended farther then any human love could flex.
I have seen a life once given to God, taken back. 
I have seen the wreckage of it leaving a path of destruction
 over the hearts of a family's love.

I have been wrong.
I felt His presence in the mire of regret.
I have been immersed in sin.
I cried out in peals of pleas for love.
In utter loss and deep repentance I cried for Him

With one thrust of His nail scared hand He plucked me from my misery.
He cradled me in His arms. He heard this childs plea.
I have felt the awsome power of grace.
Beyond reason, beyond understanding.
 He restored a wayward soul.
Because of it I am overcome with Love, deepest gratitude and peace.

I can never repay the second chance I was given.
I can never say thank you enough.
I can never repay this dept I owe.
I can never be worthy of this love.
I can only worship and praise and on others His love bestow.

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