Thursday, September 29, 2011

Part 4 "Worn out"

Worn Out

I love to see the movies where after a long battle with the enemy, the underdog walks triumphant through the crowd of cheering onlookers.  I love to see the people they love hugging, cheering.  I love when the supposed enemy staggers to their feet and extends a hand of friendship.  What a wonderful picture. Ahhhhh....

Well,  unfortunately this is rarely the case in real life, ugly warfare, spiritual warfare.  There are no cheering crowds.  No one is there to hold you up and tell you  "what a great job".  No extended hand of a once foe.

Often, when the job is done correctly.  When we have finished the battle.  Keeping
our emotions at bay, allowing the Spirit to work, being just plain human, can leave us feeling battered, worn to the bone and weak.  Questions may come swirling.

Did I say the right thing?  What will our relationship be like in the light of day?  What is next?

After one particular battle I remember feeling dazed.  Worn out!  I knew I had followed God's leading.  I really knew I was used for Him but... my heart was heavy and my soul was feeling the after math.  It actually took me a couple of days to feel right again.  To feel strong again.  To feel ....

To Feel is the operative word here.  We cannot let our emotions control us in battle or after.  Let God be in control.  Let His truths be known in our brains in our hearts.  Let Him tend to our wounds, let Him nourish us from His Word.  Its natural to feel worn out after battle.  Jesus was.  Angels attended Him after His battle with Satan.  Let God attend you.

Check on your enemy.  What ????   Check on the person you just battled with.  Let them know Love remains.  Let them know you still care about them, their wounds, their emotional state.  Take Christ right back to that field where you stood toe to toe and let Him work on healing them as well.  Do not leave them alone in their aftermath.  If they aren't receptive, that's okay.  God will work anyway.

This is where you may truly find out Why you battled in the first place, Did you go for decapitation or pure discussion.  You will know if you have Christ's art of war on your heart or if you were following the world's idea of war.  You should be able to approach with full confidence that you walked with Christ through this confrontation, not your own agenda.

Each of us is called.  God pulled us out of a life void and offered Himself a sacrifice for us.  It's not all fields of beauty and butterflies.  Sometimes its down in the mud in a field of battle.  Let Christ's message of love reign in those battles.  Let His word be spoken and truth known, even when its hard.  Then let Him tend your wounds and the wounds of your foe.  Leading others to Christ is our utmost for His Kingdom.  Sometimes its a battle to do that.

Here is further information about going into battle.  These are great devotionals all about getting ready for warfare.  Daily Dose have presented this beautifully.  Click on their name above and it will take you to the first of 5 entries for some great and Godly information.

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