Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frantic Waving

Frantic Waving

She scans with her tiny eyes, all the cars circling into the "pick up line" at school.
She almost always spots me as soon as I start through the long line of vehicles.  A gigantic smile takes over her tiny features and the frantic waving begins.  She pokes everyone and anyone next to her and she yells "That's my mommy!"  The excitement on her expression is transferrable and I start the frantic wave as well!  I am smiling like I haven't seen her in days!

God made man in His image!  I believe with all my heart that each of the Holy Trinity knows each emotion that floods through us in our days here on earth.  He made us that way, just like Him.

Are we looking for Him in the pick up line?  Are we searching the faces of those who come into our circle? Are we excited to see Him?  Are we poking and pulling on those around us "That's my Savior, my Father, my friend, my Jesus"

I wonder how He feels when we sit down in determination to learn more about Him?  When we sit and want to hear from Him.  Know Him more. I wonder how He feels when after a week we pull up our chair and get ready to meet up with Him.  I bet He is elated, even if it has only been a couple of hours!

I see a giant smile and frantic waving!

The Word says we can grieve the spirit.  The Word talks about celebration in heaven when one soul comes to the saving knowledge.  We see Jesus weeping tears of blood as He sees into the last hours of His life.  We read "and Jesus had compassion on them" so many times.  All these emotions belong to our Lord.

I know He feels like smiling and frantically waving when He sees
us coming.  Are we overcome with that same emotion when we get a glimpse
of Him?

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