Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working Out The "What If's"

Working Out The "What If's"

Think of your worst fear.  The thing that keeps you up at night.  The thing that makes your stomach spasm into a contorted rock formation.  The thing that is holding you fast.  Think "What if" it really happened.  Maybe it is already happening and you are in the midst of a battle.

Fear is what holds us fast like a tether. Keeping us from moving into peace. 

If we are children of God, we have God residing in us. His grace in the moment.  His enduring peace. His discernment.  His power to triumph over temptation.

Fearless is the moving forward with grace, peace and tenderness of heart when your emotions are pulling you towards darkness. 

Write down your fear on paper.  Then write...  

"Then God"

God will be there, right next to us.  Seeing us through.
Envision Him there with you.  Know the reality and truth ...

I sought the Lord and He answered me, and
delivered me from all my fears  Psalm 34:34

Victory is found in knowing God will not allow us to go through anything that He is not in control of.

Break free from the tethers that hold you from peace.  Work out your "What if's" today with God as your reference.

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Precious helps when working through the "What if's"

Inspiration taken in part, from Beth Moore's Bible study "Esther"

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