Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A bad day or a great spiritual work out?

A bad day or a great spiritual workout?
(you can choose)

When the tough days hit, especially after a period of good days, its so easy to have our spirit drop.  To start wondering if all the good even meant anything at all.  We can lose hope so quickly after all Christ has done for us and our lives.

It happens to me.  A sadness pursues me, threatens me, tries to undo a heart bent to serve the Lord.  A darkness looms and this soul sinks a bit.

When I do this I know my focus is skewed.  I am not seeing my life the way I should.  All my life, the ups and downs, are meant for something more.

Every step we take is to be taken for the kingdom.  Every misstep is brought before the thrown.  Every arrow from Satan's hands can be transformed into positive growth and not dulling pain.  Every deed we do is for Christ and His kingdom, not us.

Don't let these tough days steal your purpose.  Evil intentions are intentions, from others or circumstances, that are waiting for you to take to our savior to be overhauled.  Each stone thrown is a pebble meant to build the walls of His kingdom.

When we see God as our purpose, our meaning, we will see more clearly through tough circumstances.  Look at your today as a chance to fight for His kingdom.  All wounds from it are already healed if you are a child of Christ.  Today is a chance to flex our spiritual muscles, get a great workout (painful as it may appear).  If we focus our eyes on truth that is the Lord, we will have many more meaningful days and many less days with our head down just trying to get by.

Why I think what I think:
Is there victory over bad days?
How do I know God is stronger than any evil day?
How to I keep my chin up and have a clear perspective?
How can I be sure God is for me?

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