Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I want to put my head in the sand

I want to put my head in the sand

I have come to hate the news and commentaries on the news.  So much pain, anger, hurt, entitlement, pot stirring  and self importance.

It is not our job to lash out at what we see as injustice.  It is not for us to hold the world in our hands and carry the responsibility for it in our souls. It not our job to be sure our opinion gets heard. We are not all knowing or all powerful.  We are to be present ever striving to Show Christ to a world in need.  We are to love our enemies, always put Christ first, get along with others, speak the truth, The word says "They will know us by our love"  not our indignation.

I see myself in conversation with others.  A mouth uncontrolled, I spew my aggravation.  My brain is saying settle down and my mouth has a mind of its own. I get a hold of my self  (finally) and start to look for answers to my aggravation at what is going on in the world around me.  I leave my "christian" rhetoric behind and start searching through Gods word.

Here's what I found to help me think what I think:
Let Him be in charge.
Never judge.  Let God be the judge
Speak the truth.
Only God sees all.
Reach others for Him and His kingdom.
Walk every day in prayer.
Be strong and self-controlled
Don't worry or fear

Its easy to get over aggressive for justice.  It can also be easy to hide our heads in the sand. Its easy to want that warm safe place and never ever watch the news.  My prayer is this...  That I become fearless to speak the truth.  And to be sure the truth I am  speaking is from God and not a emotional response. That every emotion we have, as story or headline arise, that we take it all before God and with humbleness of heart let God's word and Christs life demonstrate to us how to act and react.

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Denise said...

Beautiful words written here.

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