Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The message I got ...

He wooed me back to His loving embrace, though it came through trial and pain.  Through a weak and tired spirit He gave His offering of mercy. I had already condemned myself.  I was a condemned   soul, sin condemns us all.  Then I realized He was there.  Reaching for me.  He loved me still?  Could He love such a mess?  I saw Him as for the first time because He promised life.  He showed me goodness in my imperfect and often careless actions.

He never threatened.  He only promised.  He never cast an angry stare, there was only hope in His eyes. He never railed against my many wrongs.  He said "I will restore"; not "I will repay your evil with my outrage".


Love is what found me far from goodness.  Love is what reached me when I was in pain.  Love is His greatest asset.  Love told Him to be in agony for me.  Love, sister and brother ...  just and only and forever ...  His love.

What means are you using to move people from hopelessness, a sin-filled life of darkness, to God's awesome light?  What are you using to get HIS message across?

When was the last time we repaid good for evil?  When was the last time we saw someone in the mess they made and may have made for others and slung our arms around them and just loved them. Without, 'I told you so's'.  Loving without knowing if they would ever pull themselves from their pit by believing Christ is the only way.  Loved...knowing they wouldn't...not this time.  

God used love to bring me back.  I don't remember the feeling of judgment from Him.  When I look back on those days, the most I wanted was to be loved.  Love brought me to Him.  His love showed up in my darkness.  It was love that brought you out of your darkness.  Love is what brought millions to His mercy seat.

Lets take a lesson from Him and begin to love the sinner, love the mess of a man or women, love without reservation the soul in need?  Love the person who's ideals are a million miles from our own.  Christ did. Of course there is always truth to be said.  Sometimes we try to be the conscience and not the messenger of God's greatest gift.  With this message of love, there should still
be the realization that God never said that we would be loved for  it. I am praying I will try harder to follow His example.  I want to send His message, the way I got it,

through LOVE

there are a ton of verses that make me think what I think, here are a few:

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Denise said...

This is a wonderful post.

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