Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Locking Doors

Some times you soar.  Some times you fall.  Some times you feel
all the synapse in your brain firing just as they should...

Then, there is today.  

There are days when your a bit down.  A bit confused by life.  
Not absolutely sure where the path you were running so 
confidently on, just vanished to.  You are no longer wanting to
spout songs about life and preciousness.  You want someone to 
tell you something important.  You want someone to take you 
by the hand and say "If you do this, every-thing will just fine".  

all around you is silence or maybe not even silence.  Maybe 
there is endless chatter, noise, "I wants" and "please do's".   

Some days you just need to be fed.  You need soothing.  You 
need an abundance of grace heaped on your throbbing head.  

Be patient dear friend.  Wait patently on The Lord.  Sit quietly
and search for Him.  The Him that does indeed have all our 
answers.  Take a deep breath and read and pray.  Lock yourself 
away from the world (maybe in a bathroom, you mom's of many 
or  an exuberant one).  God wouldn't make reading His Word and
praying to Him so important if there were no way to get to it.

No answers or peace yet?  Come back and do this again 
tomorrow.  Search Him out.  Don't search out an ear to bend to
you will.  Don't look for the quick.  Don't fall to the easy.  Realize
this is a hard, silent, confusing, kicking you while your down time.
Realize you are not going through anything Christ did not.  Hold
yourself fortunate that you will not be hung on the cross for the 
whole world's sin and then be forgotten and ridiculed for it.

Realize and remember...  God has not left you alone on this Earth
to fend for yourself.  The World and realm He created is full of 
promise and hope.  He who knows every hair on your head has 
not left you to drown in the puddle (or ocean) of your distress.
The life He created for you is set up on a reward system.  Not 
a "forget you when you need Him the most system."  There 
are penalty's to sin but there is also REDEMPTION from sin.

If you are looking at an impossible situation.  If you have had the 
blues for more time than you care to give up.  If you long for and
need answers that you don't know how to get.  If you just are in
need of some lovin on...

Go in with your Bible/computer/Ipad ect.  Lock the door.  Bow
your head and pray.  Open up to His word.  He is there and He 
has promised.  Seek and He will find YOU!

Be encouraged today dear friend!

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