Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who's Truth Are You Listening To

I hate those little voices.  The ones that creep up on you on a day of tiredness, after one of life's many stumbles. The day after bad news. They say you aren't doing a good job.  They say you have made way to many mistakes to be effective.  They say your social standing may have been more important than your ideals.  They say you aren't worthy of success.  They say "why did you even think you would be good at this thing called parenthood, marriage".  They say anything that will be assured to drag you down and then "they" sit and smile while you find yourself in tears.

I hate them because there is truth in those words spoken in the darkness.

I have made a million and one mistakes.
I have been wrong.
I have underestimated the enemy.
I have been lazy.
I have been foolhardily on my own when God's voice was desperately trying to show me the real way home.

But ...With those truths said.  There is an even more important truth...

I have a God who is faithful... and perfect... and the creator of this wonderful universe... and ... and ... and

Somehow, someway in the midst of those tiny screaming voices I still forget God's truth.

I loose my self to my deapest fears.

Then something beautiful happens, because He knows me...because I know the sound of His voice...because He gave me a helper that will never leave me alone in the frailty of humanness. I can hear Him over the spoonfuls of curses the enemy is feeding me.  If I choose to, I can reach for Him.  When I do that, He always pulls me from the darkness and empty threats and sets me on solid ground again.

He brings those voices to the quite of His perfectness and renders them mute.

Then in His quietness I can hear and understand Him again. In His quietness there is strength.  In His quietness there is re-purpose. In His quietness there is a sound of only one voice and one truth.

God is greater than I can ever understand.
I am carved in His Hand.
He will never let me Go.
I am never alone.
I am His beloved child.
He is my provider and protector.
With Him and because of Him I have the strength to move mountains.

No other voice speaks more truth than His voice.

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