Friday, October 26, 2012

Governments and Falling

In my study of Daniel, I have been confused, misguided a time or two, bewildered, inspired, and at the very least, affected.

Looking at our political climate and seeing our country's disgust of Christianity, their laughter in the face of an Eternal and Most powerful God - I have become mortified. It's hard to hear such brazen rhetoric of those who oppose anything that believes in a God, speaks about God or trusts there is a creator.   Mortified because I have such a small voice.  I have nearly no bravery.  I have missed the mark on spreading His truth more than a time or two.

My prayer this morning as I began my study of this prophetic book of Daniel, giving special detail to chapter 7 and the governments that rose and fell.  Those who oppressed God's saints were destroyed for it.  I prayed that God would take what I am reading and not only get me charged up for battle, not only ignite a weary soul, but for Him to do what I can not.  I can not change my heart.  Only He can.  I know He will - through obedience, which is my part.  Through study, which is also my part. Through worship, which is my part.  Through His eminent grace and wisdom.  Through Him we can become what only He sees us as.

Here is a little insert of Matthew Henry's Commentary of Daniel (Chapter 7).

All people, nations, and languages, shall fear Him, and be under His jurisdiction, either as His willing subjects or as His conquered captives, to be either ruled or overruled by Him. One way or another, the kingdoms of the world shall all become His kingdoms.  An everlasting kingdom.  His dominion shall not pass away to any successor, much less to any invader, and His kingdom is that which shall not be destroyed. Even the gates of hell, or the infernal powers and policies, shall not prevail against it. The church shall continue militant to the end of time, and triumphant to the endless ages of eternity. 

(Daniel 7:25-27)

I can not begin to dissect these scriptures from Daniel and teach you anything about them.  I have many more hours of pouring over this to get it at all intelligible just to myself.  But...I will take this away from it and pass it along - no matter what is going on in the World around us.  In our political, climatic, nauseating, fear and panic inducing moments.  Know this to be true.

God will prevail.  He will give us grace and peace along the way if we are obedient.  (I think He has often given me grace and peace even when I have messed up terrifically.) Keep praying, keep waging war, not on our neighbors who differ so greatly from us, but wage war with the truth. Knowing Satan and sin have deceived so many.  Wage it through prayer and our standing firm in the midst of a society who laughs, scorns, twists and perverts God's perfect plan.

In the end He will rule and all will either fall or come graciously under 
His Government.  

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