Monday, December 17, 2012

What Will I Do?  What Are We Willing To Do?

So many story's and commentaries on this horrific tragedy.  I know I can not offer any answers or any words, written better than what have already been expressed.

What can we DO?  How can we protect our children, our family's, our own lives?  How can we reach out in love to these family's that
have lost these tiny ones?  Lost Mothers and daughters.  Lost wives.  Lost those who were the light of their lives.

How can we prevent this tragedy from happening again and again and again?

So many heavy hearts in the mornings and nights following the news of this tragedy.  Praying and praying.  Tears and more tears.

These things I do know
  • Heaven rejoiced as these children entered their gates.
  • Heaven was somber at our distress.
  • God was sending peace to those ready to receive it.
  • God is working to change hearts and minds in the midst of these and other senseless deaths.
  • God will make good on His promise, that vengeance is His and His alone.
  • We can make  a difference in regard to our civilization.
  • We can come up with a better way to protect our precious children from gun fire at school, at stores at movie theaters.
  • We must make changes.
  • We must never again think "the chance of a shooting like this is a million to one".
  • We must love our children with the kind of love that our Heavenly Father loves us.  Constant.  Always putting their needs above our own. 
  • We must not hate or ridicule a parent with a child who is different and hard to handle.
  • We must see a troubled soul and find a way to protect the community they live in.
  • We must make it safe for a parent to come forward and say, my child is troubled and he has threatened to kill him/her self and others.
  • There must be swift and immediate action.
  • We must allow God into our lives and hearts.  We must study His word and ask for wisdom.  
  • We must find a way to save lives and protect our children from the harm we have seen in this country. 

We all know it.  We all feel it deep within us.  What can we do?
We have rallied because of money.  People have slept in tents and in the streets for months because of money.  Where do we go, what are we willing to do to protect our children and families?  Are we prepared to step on toes.  Are we ready to ask our schools "what have you put in place to protect our children from this type of tragedy?"  I will be asking my school this.  I will wake up and realize a small, seemingly safe school no longer is just that.  This can happen anywhere. 

What will you do to make a difference.  What will you do besides cry, worry, feel anger?   God's word even says "Faith, with out works is dead."  We should pray first and last and every moment in between.  But...We must act!  We must talk to our schools, our government, we must not allow this to happen again.  We must do what once seemed to be "overboard".  This IS the world we live in. It has been proved with out a shadow of a doubt.  It is a sad reality but a true one.  I will be asking our school what changes they are making.  Will you?  Will you step out and demand change?  Will we let this tragedy make us stronger and smarter?  Or will this tragedy fade in time.  Will we put our heads in the sand?  Will we be to afraid to demand change?  Will we speak up and offer possible solutions.  What will you do to protect your children, my child, the community around us?

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