Tuesday, November 30, 2010

God will comfort even in the smallest moments.

Everyone who knows me knows I will occasionally go to the
bathroom for a quick cry.  When it means either shedding
a couple of tears or over doing a punishment.  When it
is the eleventeenth time I had to say no, stop or you know

Mommies need comforting to.  Sometimes there isn't
a daddy handy or maybe today he doesn't understand
your weariness or spirit. 

I am so thankful that God does understand being weary.
I am so glad that there are numerous scriptures
that speak of comfort. 

Phil 4:6-8  for example.  In the middle of  these several verses
there is this  "And the peace of God which transcends all
understanding will guard your HEARTS and your MINDS
in Christ Jesus. 

I do believe there are times when we can actually just
feel the presence of God during our "cries".  But comfort
can come from a lot of places.  Knowing the truth of the
scriptures such as in Jeremiah 29:11  where it
tells that the Lord declares that he knows His plans
for you...  to prosper you and give you hope...
A letter from a sister that sends love and encouragement.
Music written by a Christian who also has
seen these types of moments and shares their progress
through them.

There will be days like these, moments like these but
the scriptures tells the whole truth.  PS 30:5b  "Weeping may
 remain for a night, but rejoicing comes
in the morning."

I encourage you to go first to God when feeling overwhelmed
or sad.  Tell him how you feel.  I implore you to
not to let the enemy steal anymore of your thoughts, time or
life.  If this feeling has been around for days and days,
tell God you don't know the answers to it all.  Then
ask Him to show you His perfect way.  God is a righteous
God.  He is also a God of comfort, grace and love.

I think He may have the hug you've been looking for


lara said...

What a sweet word of encouragement, sister-friend.

minka said...

loved this!

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