Friday, December 3, 2010

Power, humility and our girls

I often think about this topic.  Humility is an attribute of Jesus
Christ and one I want see in my child.  How can we teach them
to be humble yet powerful?  Where does Self esteem come into
play?  How do you teach them to be gentle and sweet but in
the face of hate, ignorance or the grip of the unjust be strong
and fight for what is right?

We see these story's on the news or TV shows all the time.
Young girls putting themselves in harms way as they show off
there independence.  Struggling through pain and regret
because they wanted to fit in and have the "fun" they
see going on around them. 

How do we accomplish this task in a world where none
of this is popular.  We see story's of children falling prey to group
mentality.  Standing on the sidelines as another child is
hurt and embarrassed.

One answer came to mind.  Read through the Bible.
Pick out the story's of strong and composed women.  There really are
so many!  Sarah, Ruth, Mary, Martha, Hannah.  Oh, and my favorite
Deborah, who  was a prophetess and a wife and was leading Israel. 
Ok, maybe don't tell the story of Jael who  "picked up the tent peg" just yet. 
 You have to admit that was pretty powerful. 

My point is this.  Maybe make an impression with story's from
the Biblical women we all know.  Let our children see the power that
can gently be seen in being a mother.  Nothing under earth
is more powerful, lasting, encouraging and world changing
than a women who respects her husband, loves her family, chooses her
family over worldly treasures and most of all how shows
Christ in her daily life.  Wow, the power we exude when we praise
God in worship in our own homes.  Now that is power!

Let them know that strength lies in the Spirit of Christ in us.
Humbling ourselves to Gods will.  Then... rest in the Knowledge
that the word of God does not return void.

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