Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The dark side of those Christmas lights

I love love love Christmas.  You that know me know my need
to decorate, bake and make this season as much of a
celebration as possible.

There was a brief time when I could not celebrate.  I couldn't even
buy a tree let alone put ornaments on it.  Opening the blinds
was a challenge.  Getting out of bed was a shear act of will.

We all know people who are struggling this time of year.  Some
will struggle every year.  They may have lost a loved one or
just wish to draw on the celebratory spirit of this
season with out success.

I know women who have lost a child.  I know women
who have seen their marriages disintegrate into nothing.  I know
women who just recently found out they have cancer or a
loved one who just got those results back.

My prayer for these ladies is that if they are in a dark or sad
place, that Gods light will break through their night. 

Lord, let your still small voice become a tiny twinkling light. 
May the bright lights of this season not blind them or
throw shadows over them and leave them in darkness but that
they would see the light, the story of this season. 
That they would know that God loved them, cherished them so much that
he gave His only son.  His only beloved son.  That Jesus left His safe,
perfect, happy life to know pain suffering, sadness that
He would have never known.  Oh, the perfect love
He has for you. 

I don't know the words to comfort properly.  I don't know
how much light a person in pain might need.  God does.  He can
 comfort, restore and renew lives that have been nearly ruined.  That's His
promise to us.  He will never leave us!  Never forsake us!  You are loved
so much by the one whose love matters the most.

Be that twinkling light when you can.  Remember to love and comfort those
who need it during this Season of Lights.

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