Monday, January 3, 2011

"Are you kidding me?"

You hear a lot about resolutions this time of year.  I don't put much
stock in them.  What I would normally say is that I want to continue
what I am doing right and cut way back on what is not right or
not working in my life.


I knew my husband was thinking about getting us some new cool
phones.  I say cool because we are so NOT cool.  The computers we 
knew about as young people took up giant rooms.  Remember the
phone with the big round dial.  That is more us.  But a phone where
I could get online, take pictures and send them to mom or a friend. 
Get instantly on Facebook!  WOW that sounded fun!! 
 Ohhh the phone envisioned!  It would be beautiful!  Touch screen
and huge. 

You can picture my face when I see the actual phone he brought me.
It looked almost exactly like the no posting, no film taking, definitely
no Internet, flip phone I already had.  In my mind and I
am quite sure on my face, badly disguised in a grin, I was saying..

"Are you kidding me with this?  Where is my new cool phone?  Surely I
deserve a new cool phone.  Why can't I have just this one thing." 

After all God would want me to share more in the lives by posting
those cute pics.  Not to mention all the time I would save effortlessly
scrolling through and doing it quickly.  I could encourage a
friend in need, in seconds flat.  Oh, the difference it would make.

Then God said.

"Are you kidding me?"  "You do not NEED that stupid phone!"

It took all night to realize He, as usual, was right. 

So this year I am hoping and praying to let that horrible sense of
entitlement go.  To remember God not only knows my needs, he also
knows my wants.  He knows which ones will actually bring
me happiness and which ones, when chased, will not really
bring any meaning at all. 

When the truth is told, do you know what we are entitled to?
In the beginning, because of sin and our own sin nature, we
were entitled to an eternity in torment and with out God.  He choose to
send His own son so we could accept this gift.  So we could
not only live through all eternity in perfectness but here
on earth we could be in a wonderful relationship that will bring
us more joy, more peace more meaning than any thing made
by men. 

This new year I am choosing to lay down my entitlement for
worldly things, and pick up my entitlement that was given
to me by God to live, love and praise Him for all He has already
done and all He will do.

I pray that you all will have a wonderful, fun, praise filled,
grace received, meaningful  2011!


erica said...

Thanks girl! just what I needed to hear to get my year started off on the right foot! Love Ya!

Angela Rascoe said...

Amen and AMEN. I have been suffering with the same "entitlement" issues and have also given them over to God. Your words have reasurred me that I heard Him correctly. He is all I need. I have been so very blessed. Praying that we enter into this new year and new day with thanksgiving filling our hearts. Love ya!

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