Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giants ?

  In Numbers 13 we read about Moses sending men
 into Canaan to explore it because God was giving it over to the Israelites. 
The story reads on about how beautiful and abundant the land was. 
But in the land lived Giants. When the men brought news back of the
 land they admitted how wonderful it was but that people who lived there
were powerful, their cities fortified and they even saw the descendants of
Anak. Giants.  The sad story goes on to show how only
Joshua,Caleb, Moses and Aaron believed they could still take this
land that God had promised.  

This really made me think of my GIANTS.  I really  realized I have had
many over the years.  Fear, a negative attitude, an actual person putting me
 down, unbelief, friends, selfishness, the list could go on and on. 

God has promised us sooo much.  God never dangles anything in front of us
and then pulls it back.  He has made every thing he has called us to,
reachable.  He has given us the power of the Holy Spirit, God himself,
 to live in our souls!  Yet we settle for living in fear.  We settle for living
 in anxious mental strain.  We live day in and day out feeling overwhelmed,
overpowered by the life God gave us.

As we move on in this story we see that God shows up in the midst of all this
disbelief.  "How long will these people treat me with contempt?  How long
will they refuse to believe in me..."  "I will strike them down with a plague..."

Moses pretty much, argues with God in the next verses and God forgives
them, but there is a huge penalty for their disbelief.  None of them that
grumbled against God would see this wonderful promised land. 
 God is ready to end the Israelites then and there!  He does end up striking
down those who went into the land, saw the land God wanted to
give and came back and stirred up the people against it. 

What are your Giants?  
What do you have holding you back from your promised land? 
We really have no excuses worth offering about not taking the life God
intended. The Israelites had no Holy Spirit living in their souls
 and hearts.  They didn't have Gods spirit inside their minds like we do. 
They had God to see, guiding them, heard the word of the Lord spoken
to them through Moses but no God living inside them.  The Holy Spirit
wasn't an option for them at that time.  He is Our Option. 

Don't be held back from your Promised Land.  Because of the Holy
Spirit we are powerful!  Nothing but our selves, our Giants, can hold
 us back from doing what and being what God has called us to. 

Strike down those giants with the Power of Gods might and move
into your Promised Land.

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