Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pulling on knots

This morning as we got ready for church,
I was helping my four year old undo the knot in her
sweater string. 

"No!"  she yells.   "I can do it myself".  And in the
interest of time, I continued to try to fix the, now
even tighter knot.  This battle over control of the
knot continued for a minute or two more.  Finally
I "won" the battle and she let go, only to reveal a
tiny knot that would take many minutes to get

After, on the drive to church I thought of the many
knots in my life.  How I played the role as the stubborn
child grasping and screaming for control.  The more
I pulled away from God the tighter and worse my
problem knot became. 

As the pastor spoke of surrender I  thought a lot
more about my own personal knots.  The truth
was so plain.  The knots that I held onto with all
my might, trying to fix myself, became an
entanglement that took days, months and years
to get untangled.  The ones I surrendered to God,
loosened my grip on, gave over completely to God,
well, they were resolved with out anger, without
heartache.  I just loosened my hold, God took over
and the knot unwound itself by Gods hand.

Whats your knot?  What have you been trying to
undo that has left you, crying, bitter, resentful,
hopeless?  Let it go, let the Lord take it over.
Stop and surrender that knot today.
Stop pulling and let God have His way.

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