Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"The screaming women"

We were just starting home from New York.   An eleven hour
trip loomed in front of us.  I thought it would be okay
if I yelled at my husband and started an argument as we
were repacking the car to head home.  My brain was
actually saying "Shut up!"  "What are you doing?"  but my
mouth was not getting the message. 

Have you ever done this?  I just kept thinking in the
moments after ...  "Why would I do that"?
I know I don't want to be "The screaming lady"!

As we sat in silence at the start of the this long journey.  (Did
I mention that we were now trapped in a car, with no where to
hide).  I began to script my apology.

"I was just mad because I told you ten times that
I needed more time to pack her toys the way they
NEEDED to be".  No, that wouldn't work.

"Honey, I am sorry.  But you know how I need everything
to be arranged in the car".  No, that wouldn't work.

Finally...  "Honey, I am so sorry.  I really didn't want
to start our trip with an argument.  I am really sorry."

Giving our husbands respect is such an important part of our
relationships with them.  Our tiredness, our personality
defects, our daily frustrations take over sometimes. 

In Ephesians 2 it tells us "Like the rest we were by nature
objects of wrath..."  The rest of the passage goes on to
tell of Gods grace and love and how we can be free
from this sin.

In Hosea 14 it tells us that Israel's sins have been
her downfall, but the word says "if we take those words with 'us' and
 return to the Lord and ask for forgiveness", "He will receive us graciously".
Our husbands may not be so gracious at first, but its
Gods grace we should be most concerned with.

Don't let time go by after any sinful incident.  Ask for
forgiveness right away.  Some times pride makes this
hard to do.  God will give you the words to say
and the courage you may need to fess up. 

Dear Lord:

I am coming to you because you are the creator of all things.
You choose me before I was even born.   I love
you for all you are and am so thankful for your grace.
Help me to be calm under pressure.  Help me to
learn to love when I want to fight.  Help me to let
your spirit control my tongue, especially to my husband.
He is even more precious to you than he is to me.
I love him Lord and I love you even more for giving him to me.

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