Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Angels Attended Him" 

In Matthew 4 we see Jesus's temptation
and trials in the desert. The fact that He never
gave into sin was never a huge revelation to me.
I kind of expected Him to be perfect and not to sin.
The biggest revelation in this passage in
Matthew 4 is in verse 11.
"The devil left Him and angels came and
attended Him"

When life or the enemy throws its daggers at me
I stumble, fall, I'm dazed and tired
When I look up, Gods grace is all I see.

Spewing venomous words at me
I raise my head  from my hands
I know Gods word and love are all I need.

I may get tired but Gods love rings true
Fighting off the enemy makes 
  my spirit weary  but His word will see me through.

I refuse to give my tears away
not to the enemy not today

I believe Jesus knew weariness.  I believe that
angels came after to take care of him, not
only physically but spiritually as well.
This gives us reason to believe He knows our
weariness.  The lesson here also may be that
after this "Attending" to Jesus.  He  began his ministry
of preaching His Fathers message.  He wasn't stunned
into stillness from His ordeal.  He was revived by
Gods messangers and went on to do wonderous

Are you weary from the battle with sin or the enemy?
Let God attend to you.  Through scripture, through Gods
truth spoken to you from a friend, from music born from
Gods goodness.  Then, when you have recouped your
strength go out and lead the life God has asked you to.

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