Monday, February 21, 2011

Five Dollars?  Really?

Did you ever have those weeks when you are all done paying most
the bills and find there is only  five dollars left over?  Five dollars
for the next two weeks. 

My husband looks up after his task. We lack
paying one bill that can wait till another week but 
" Almost all paid!"  He says with contentment.

Almost all paid, I think?  Of course I am thankful for the bills that were
payed.  BUT  I had my hopes set on having money after the
bills this month.  What about the new pair of shoes our daughter needs? 
 What about that gift I was going to buy for a new mom
who I wanted to bless?  What about more food in the house?  I was
looking forward to buying some socks, mine all have holes in them.
The list could go on and on. There are things I actually need.

The frustration is evident on my expression.  My tone is corse. 
My attitude and flesh are working to control my mouth
 I try to leave the room with out to much detection. 

I sit down for my morning devotions.  In my material, following the
first question I get to on my sheet are words from these verses. 

Matthew 6: 25-34

-Do not be worried about your life
- The birds are taken care of.  Your Father loves you more than them.
-Why are you worried about food, drink, clothes?
-Do not worry about tomorrow.

These strong COMMANDS wash over my heart and mind
I can feel a tingling sensation rushing through me.
He is melting my will to His.

These commands can apply to the big
and small things in life.  Sometimes the small
trip us up in our daily walk and obedience more
so than the big.

God has spoken so clearly. 
 With, as usual, PERFECT TIMING!

Today I am choosing not to worry!  His hand of grace 
is still resting on my shoulder.  As always, I need Him
close.  To teach, guide, love, chasten me
closer to Him.

God's will has so much wisdom, compared to me.
Its perfect, calming, so clear.
When in obedience, I really have nothing to fear

In the face of the enemy I throw back my head.
I praise and laugh out loud.
With God in command,  I have nothing to worry about.

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