Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Not Mine!"

I Corinthians 6:19b  ..."you are not your own.."

That is really the only "word" I needed today.  This scripture
is at the end of a section about immorality.  It hit home for me in
so many many other ways

We are not our own:

- to have a bad attitude when upset with family
- to take hurt feelings and revenge upon myself
-to loose my temper when dealing with my daughter
-to gossip about fellow Christians
-to sit in worrisome thoughts
-to plan my day without consulting God and His word
-to side step around Gods written word to do what I 'feel' like doing

I came back the Lord after a real period of blankness and darkness
in my life.  You may have peacefully realized your need for the
Savior and walked calmly into His loving embrace.  My "realization"
came after heartbreak, sin, then emptiness and then sin drug me
around in sadness for awhile. 

God awesomely opened my eyes, took off my blinders and I
looked upon Him as if for the first time.  I threw my life at Him and into
His hands and I dove at His feet clinging to Him in desperation.

Either way, either easily or after hardship,  we Thankfully
gave up the right to our lives.

"We are not our own"

All I can say is amen and
Thank God for that!

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