Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Missed Opportunities

A lesson I heard in late November has stuck with me and
I haven't quite been able to figure out how to write it down. The funny
thing is that it is about missing opportunities to share a word of
inspiration, the word of God, a blessing or a voice of reason.

The lesson talked about the sadness and regret a Christian will
feel after death as they stand in front of Jesus and see
the moments that we should have used for Him and didn't.

A fear and dread filled my heart when I heard those words.
Missed Opportunities.  Then God pressed on my heart some more.
These words weren't given  to consume me with regret.  It was
to spur me on to victory in this area.

I am SO self conscious.  Sure my mouth runs away
with me a lot but after any social encounter I often
find myself trapped in a cycle of second guessing.
Satan knows this and he uses it against me.

No more Victory for Satan.  When we receive Christ we
also receive His confidence.  Not pride.  The confidence
that can only come from the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

I want the Lord to show me when and how I
can be used to share His word.  Help someone.
Encourage someone.  To use my voice.
I will never know all the answers
but I do know the main answer.  Jesus Christ. 

It doesn't matter what the world says you sound like.
Your voice to the ear of a needy heart, infused with
God's spirit, sounds just like heaven.

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