Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whose Thumb Are You Under

"Whose Thumb are you Under?"

In the start of the New Testament we see how Israel is under that thumb
of the Roman empire.  In my Bible study today we talked about the Silent
years of Israel. 

400 years God was Silent.  Israel, again was given over to oppression.

They turned from His voice.  His commands.  They turned from their
own bright future.

400 years of Silence.  Then Christ is born.

Has God been silent in some area of your life?  Is there something
you are "under the thumb" of?  Something you feel oppressed by?

... Family members
... Children
.. work situation
...home life troubles
...expectations fill in the blank

We should never feel oppressed by anything when we have the
choice to turn to God.

Turn whatever it is over to the all powerful God.  Let Him
regain and retake your Spirit in these areas. 

Turning it all to the Lord Who Reigns
running under His Wing and to Him once again

No silence to long or loud, no oppression to strong
Give it to God - Regain His favor, regain that bond.

No more sorrowful tears, no more long weary nights
You have the victory over the oppressor with God at your side.

1 comment:

Janet said...

so true. It was great to learn this today.

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