Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Thank You for All Answered Prayers"

Many times I felt defeated, let down and alone, when God was saying..

"Wait on me"

Many times I have run ahead, went on my own path, when God was saying...

"Have a little faith and you will see"

Many times I've prayed, asked, begged and pleaded, God was saying..

"Trust me and believe"

 Sometimes its 'yes' or even  'no', the 'waits' are the hardest, God was saying...

"for this, a stronger Christian you will be"

Thank you God for knowing all that you do.  Thank you for knowing
me better than I know myself.  Thank you for lessons learned
along this, sometimes hardest of  paths.  Thank you God for so often
saying wait and then saying Yes! 

I love the sound of Yes to be sure. But the ones that were
no may be the most important.  Waits are the hardest. Help me to have
patience, faith and your will not to undue. Help me to stay on
the path that leads me closer to you. 

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