Monday, March 28, 2011

"Jump Into Battle for Someone"

I was reminded so many times this week that so many
people are battling with things in their lives.  Trying to be
good mothers and wives.  Struggling to work out their
Christian walks.  Looking for peace in a chaotic house with
children running, playing, arguing.  I know women who
have made huge decisions to obey God and are now
struggling with peace and joy over those decisions.
There are wars of the spirit going on all around us.

 Lets jump into the fray for another soul!  Lets actively reach out
with love to a struggling person.  Stand with them in prayer.
Sit with them and cry.  Join them, by their side.  Meet them
where they are. 

Lets be part of the solutions.  Souls are at stake here.
We can't do the work for a struggling friend or neighbor.  We
can offer assistance though.  We can speak the truths of our
precious Saviour to them.  We can encourage, lift up. Pray
for and with them.  Point out some scriptures. 
We can go to battle at their side.

Don't let someone you know who is at war go through
the battles alone.  Step in by their side.  Be part of that battle.
Be active in the daily spiritual war that does rage all around us. 

A family should do this for one another.  We are
part of Gods family.  Maybe someone you
know doesn't know the Lord.  What a great opportunity
to show them the love and power of Christ.

Don't sit at the sidelines of life.  Be out there in the
battle for souls, hearts and minds. 

Lord I have watched.  Lord I have sat here too long.
I have wasted your armor that could have made another strong.

Lord help me jump in.  Lord give me your power.
You gave us one another, to lean on, so the enemy won't devour.

Lord show me strength.  Lord help me to react.
No longer will I watch a soul going under and not the enemy attack.

Lord all glory is yours.  Lord we fight for you.
Help me hold up those who are falling and their spirits renew.

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