Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Shrewd as Serpents"

I love that working through Matthew has brought ideas and inspirations
to light that I didn't realize before.  I love when God points out to me
verses or phrases that I never noticed before.

As we are working through Matthew We see in Chapter 10 that Jesus
is sending out His disciples into the land and giving very strict
instructions.  It is my belief and understanding that as we
go out into the "land" we should follow at the very  least the spirit
of these instructions as well.

"Preach that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand."  I don't know that I will
ever raise the dead, or cleanse lepers, cast out demons and I
don't think me walking door to door, town to town with only my
sandals and a staff is something I see me being called to in the near future. 
The spirit of how we are to enter the world is the same for us.

They were told they were sent out as "sheep in the midst of wolves;
So be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves."

That is an awesome, impossible sounding combination.  I am at a place
where I really needed these words.   Shrewd as serpents, innocent as

The NIV Bible uses Shrewd.  The King James Bible uses Wise.
Here is a definition for wise from A Greek Translation:

"Understanding, thoughtful, practically wise, sensible, prudent"

I found in the Greek translation that Wise in this particular passage means this;
 Mindful of ones interests
That is where the NIV uses the word shrewd.
No where you are coming from and where this person you
are speaking with is coming from.  This conveys a deeper
understanding of the individual or circumstance you are dealing with.

Mindful of ones interests.

This is so great!  This passage is telling me once more
how to handle myself in a world that does not
know and Love our Lord.  We had better
be in the midst of the unsaved.  It is telling me not
to be a bull in a china shop.  I am to keep my innocence
as well as being shrewd.

Know who you are dealing with.  Conduct yourself under
the power and authority of God in Heaven.  Be wise in what
you say but even more realize that we are also to be shrewd.
There will be times to hold your tongue.  There will be times
when you will be called upon to speak up and out.  We must
be sensitive to Gods urgings. 

Spending time in prayer.  Spending time in one on one
communion with God is how we become this wise and
innocent person God instructs us to be.    With out His
guidance how will be ever be both these things.

Shrewd as serpents innocent as doves.

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