Friday, March 4, 2011

"Not responsible"

In Matthew, in our Bible Study we just went through the
sermon on the mount.  I thought a lot about the passage that talks
about "not throwing your pearls before swine".  Also, the
passage before that commands that we not judge.

What is our responsibility when it comes to this passage?
How do we Know who would potentially waste those pearls and
then trample us?  Wouldn't that entail some type of judging?

I spoke with a dear friend about just that later in the day.  She too was
struggling with the notion of how not to throw away those pearls.
Seems she too had a weary spirit from being trampled a time
or two.

 I heard a sermon today and one lady who had a ministry of providing 
help to those families who could not provide
food for their children or sometimes did not have a place for them to lay 
there heads.   She said this:

We are not responsible for the out come. 
We are responsible to show up."

I began to have a better picture of what God is talking about
about when it comes to pearls and swine.

The Spirit that lives with in us will prompt to those times when we
are to speak to Gods word.  Or work out His word by doing
a good deed.  Be in contact, have that daily personal relationship,
know how God speaks and be ready to
take action if He prompts us to. 

Do not be emotionally invested in how the world around us
takes those pearls we are trying to give away.

In the end be emotionally invested with God, with His will.
Be emotionally invested with doing good, having peace, being truthful,
 trusting God, having a joyful spirit.  Practice love
and generosity. 

 Only God sees the heart of man.  He and only He can tell us when to and
when not to give away those pearls.  Also just as  importantly
know that God alone takes on the responsibility of changing hearts.
If we take our selves out of the equation, out of emotional
dependence on the out come, and only depend on the truths of God,
can we continue doing His will without reservation without
fear, with out disappointment.

Serving and Glorifying God is our only responsibility.

Matthew 7:1-6
Matthew 6:33-34
Galatians 5:22-23

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