Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Why I love, why I proclaim, why I worship"

I had someone say to me one day "What is wrong with someone
who needs to be constantly reassured and constantly goes to Bible
teaching."  "Can't you just live your life right by yourself"

My answer was just "NO"

I know my savior lives with in me.  I have no doubt.  But also
there lives in me a fleshly nature that if not kept in check will
find its way into my daily life.  What do I use to combat this
flesh, this sense of intitlment, this frustration, this feeling
of being alone, this rebellion ect.  I read Gods word
and beg for the ansewers I need.  I throw myself daily on
His mercy and acknowledge my Constant need for Him.
I can not live a proper life with out looking to Him for
every single answer. 

I still am rellious and my flesh still gets in the way of
Gods plan.  But ...  I am far closer to what God
intended all along because I realized some time
ago that I can not live this life, this daily life with out
Him there.  With out me looking towards Him.  Each time
I take my flesh as truth  - I mess up!  Each and every time!

This is why I write.  This is why I tell you how much
I love Him and need Him.  This is why I will gladly tell you
I am a complete dissaster with out Him.  Why I love Him
so so much. 

I must look to Him each day for that support that no one
else could possibly give.  Yes I do rely on Him.
Each day!  Each day I do not.  I am outside
of His will.  I hope you are taking time
to Love Him, Proclaim Him, Worship Him.

Dear Sweet Jesus!  Dear constant and perfect God!
Know me as your own.  Treat me as your own.  Keep
me acountable.  Let the Pain I endure from my own wrongs
lead me closer to you!  I praise you and love you!

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