Monday, April 25, 2011


The tears flow down as rapids of joy fill my soul. 
 Loving the Savior, worshiping the Savior, wanting more of the Savior. 
Realizing His love I am transported.

My soul and mind soar to the Throne of grace.
Wrapping my arms around His feet, wrapping my mind around the cross.
Realizing my gratitude could never be enough.

Sitting there I look down on the crowd wondering who may not know.
Wondering if the lost will see, wondering if I am a mirror of Him.
Realizing I must do more than just sing.

Arms in the air, I want to touch the hem of His garments.
Knowing I can never repay, knowing I am His because of love.
Realizing His gift is more than enough.

I am sobbing but not from pain
Lost in love I am. Lost in praise. Lost, away from darkness
Realizing Hope, love, peace and gratitude.

I am nothing but He gave Himself in spite of this.
Looking at my life, looking at my family, looking at the world
Realizing there is much to say, much to tell.

1 comment:

Janet said...

amazing. I love it...

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