Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"He is There"

Often we seem to go through periods in our life where
we are either getting over something or getting through something.
The Word of God says that we will have these hardships
these trials.

If we are truely children of God he promises never to leave our
side.  Even if we are sinning.  He is still there.  The promises and
blessings will not be but He will be, as He waits for us to call upon Him
once again.  As we go through hardships and are walking with Him and
living under obedience -  He is there.

This is more so much more than our God who we
call father could give His only beloved son on that
day that he hung in agony, darkness and carrying
all the loads of guilt and sin of the world.

Jesus hung there alone
In the midst of the worest agony mentally,
spiritually, and physically.  In the midst of all
this our Jesus was alone.  I would call this a breif
time but I am quite sure to Jesus it felt like
an eternity.

With out this aloneness we could never have the
promise that our heavenly father will never leave us.

Know God is there for you.  Because He had
to turn His perfect Holy eyes from His own son as
Jesus held all our sins in those moments. 

We should not deny God His promise to be by
our side no matter what.  We should not loss hope
when it comes to these trials or dark times.

What are we saying to Jesus if we say or act like
our Father in heaven is not with us.  Always.  What does
that make Jesus's sacrifice look like.

Our faith can be small.  But we can still be obedient.
Our world may seem sad.  But His word is still truth.

Our darkness may screem loud.  But His love is more powerful.
Our saddness may be overwhelming.  But His sacrifice covers it all.

Our Father, our friend, our Holy measure.
Hear us when we call, help us know you are there in that night
Grow us by these trials.  Help us remember always
your sons most difficult and prescious sacrifice.

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