Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Child's Prospective

Sometimes a child's prospective is so different from what we see.
We see through years of experience. Years of chances taken or not
taken.  They do not see through the years of growing that we do. Sometimes
hard-heartedness from walking through bad experiences, has changed our
prospective.  Maybe the world has lost a lot of its beauty.  Maybe our
spiritual worlds have taken huge hits that have left us a little
bitter and reserved.

Not only do they not have the scars, the fears, the hurt we have
experienced.  They still have all the wonderment, all the awe that
for us often has faded.  What a gift.  To see all the world
as new and wonderful. 

Jesus told his disciples to bring the children to Him.  He told
many that unless they become as little children
 they could not enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Precious, brand new to life, totally honest about how they feel.
Trusting.  Loving.   Hurting.  They need someone.  They rely
on parents or caregivers. 

Their prospectives are so different from ours.  But I believe
many times we should take a cue from them. 

Keep approaching life as if anything is possible.  Christ can give
us this newness again.   See life full of possibilities. 
That Jesus can do all things. 
 That faith is as simple as breathing.  That their is still much
to be appreciated in Gods creations.  Lets love, rely, believe in Jesus
like a child does.  Lets return to some of the wonderment we
first lived in when we first met Jesus.  Or maybe we
need to meet him honestly for the first time.

Lets return to a child's prospective.

Pictures taken by my own sweet little one.

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