Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Who is neighbor?"

As I am studying through the book of Matthew I am amazed how
much I have learned, realized, enjoyed, been pricked by Gods words.

I am also astonished at the person that I am, as I read more and more about
Jesus and what he says to the masses and to His disciples.  I saw
my self not measuring up to what the Word reveals.  I see a well
meaning Christian being enlightened, urged to grow, urged to step
out of the "Boat", urged to "Just ask", urged to draw others to
His precious face by just loving.

Matthew  22: 37-39

And He said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul and with all your mind.
This is the great and foremost commandment.
The second is like it, "
You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

So often my arm is raised in righteous indignation at the world.
Raised at one person causing suffering to another.  Crying out
at the Liberal majority.  Fearing the masses and their distain
for our Sweet Savior.  Wondering how to deal with the weeds
among the wheat. 

We should hate sin.  Be powerful in our pursuit of righteousness.
On the heals of a world running to hurt another precious soul.

What about the person who is a sinner?  Who doesn't know
our Jesus like we do.  They don't know of His compassion.
How the heavens would rejoice if they came to know and love
our Savior that died just for them.

The Greek word for "Neighbor" in this passage is this.
plesron- Any other member of the human family
(Long Definition)- To the teaching of Christ, any other man irrespective
of race or religion with whom we live or who we chance to meet.  Be
regarded as friend and companion.

The Greek word for "Love" here is
agapao- to regard  esteem to acquiesce with satisfaction,
to cherish with reverence, to love,
considered in reference to the tendency of the will.
to love, to be full of good-will and exhibit the same
to have a preference for, wish well to, regard the welfare
This stuck in my heart like a metal splinter. 
It doesn't say, if they love Our heavenly father or His son. 
Doesn't say, if they have not done horrible things.  Doesn't say, if they
haven't hurt us or the family of Christians we love. 

Only Jesus can love like this.  Only the Holy Spirit working through
us can show this type of love. 

How many hearts have been turned from the Truth because of
our righteous indignation?  Because of our judgments.  Because
they were made to feel unworthy because they did not
live up to "Our" expectations.  How many gone by the wayside just because
we were not interested in their welfare?  How many are LOST today
because Christianity didn't love them as the scripture says to love
and to treat our NEIGHBORS?

Show them love.  Hate sin but Show them love.  Tell
the TRUTH but let the truth come from a heart that is breaking
under the weight of the reality that this SOUL may
not see Jesus in their eternity.

Love those who are in your life.  Love those you happen
to meet.  Love with a love that cherishes that soul living
with in them.  In other words Love like Christ.
Is Christs love showing through me or is it getting caught up
in all the excuses I have made to not love or to look the
other way?

Jesus loved the lost.  Loved the crowds that came His way.
Showed compassion many many times, at the end of His tiring day.

Jesus rebuked the ones who supposedly KNEW, but had no love
He called hypocrite to those who knew the laws but didn't follow God above.

Lord Jesus I can not do this command on my own.  Change me.
Move my heart to be broken for those neighbors, wandering, that I see.

Am I so quick to raise my voice in judgement, before my knees in prayer?
Am I concerned enough to look beyond sin to those precious hearts out there?

Lord Make me this way,  this you that we see in the word, so clear.
Help me see beyond my pride, hurt feelings, to a world you created and hold dear.

There are those out there suffering, lost, tied up by their own sin, by Satan abused.
Help me see them as lost sheep.  Help me remember my pain, before I knew you.

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