Thursday, June 16, 2011



You are not a prisoner to your past or your sins. 
You are not alone in the wreckage and consequences. 
You are not created to muddle along in chains of unchangeable circumstances.

God's word clearly says that sins have consequences. 
God's word says that repeatable sins can be brought out for others to see. 
God's word gives us clear definition to His expectation of Holiness
God's word is designed perfectly. On the true path you should be.

If you are a child of His, he promises to forgive. 
 If you are a child of His you will be prompted to repent. 
If you are a His child you will feel the pressure of sin, heavy on your heart.
If you are a child of His you will want a clean heart again.

You are not meant to be held fast in regret.
You are not a prisoner to your sins or the aftermath of them.
You have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
You have an inner help that knows you and is recognized by Him.

God's word promises if you know Him and search Him, he is always there.
God's word promises the power to give strength, hope and peace.
God's word promises a life of beauty even after mistakes are made.
God's word promises you should not live or be lost to grief.

If you have made mistakes, don't give up.  God has not given up on you.
He loves you, He wants to hold you in His arms again.
If you are imperfect let His son's blood wash you and make you new.
If you have been washed, each sin is forgiven, there is no prison.
If you bring sin to Him he will help you through the consequences too.

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Cindy M Jones said...

Enjoyed Reading your blog!

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