Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Mommy's Prayer

"A Mommy's Prayer"

Kneeling in prayer
I am pushing away evil with one fist in the air.
I am trying to think.
The words come pouring, emotions that brought me to this brink.

Pushing against the current.
Confused by the world and what is actually relevant.
I am not lost and alone
Praying for my life, my child, my home.

Lord, quiet me.
Hear my soul and its need, for only you can set me free.
Lord, know my intent
I want to serve but my humanness, my will does bend.

Draw me away.
Take me to our healing place, to peace and let me stay.
Help me know you
I am believing you, all our days can be sanctified, yes, all we do.

Protect your child
All that is against you would like my life to run wild.
Freedom is from you
Your words, written for me, will guide me through.

Standing from my knees
My heart is hard against sin, my soul, focused on you will be.
Strength for today
Stronger because of my time with you, under your protection I will stay.

Thank you Lord
All I have is yours.

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