Friday, July 1, 2011


I wish that I was the girl who orders jello at a restaurant and just loves it,
but I like something creamy, chocolate and rich.

I wish my daughter showed off her worst behavior in the privacy of our home,
but rest assured, the opposite has been true.

I wish spiritual growth didn't come after much discomfort and pain sometimes,
but God requires us to grow as we go along.

I wish my husband and I weren't on opposite sides of spirituality,
but sadly, at times, we are.

I wish I could make a bigger more positive impact on the world around me,
but sometimes I am negative and feel defeated.

Wishing away a life that for God is meant to be.
Knowing all along He truly wants only me.

Finding His truth gets me through those rough days.
Resting in the comfort He adores me and His I will stay.

Wishing can be realizing if seen through His vision.
Left alone with myself there is only confusion.

Lord help me give you all my wants and wishes.
 Remembering honesty and joy comes as some savory dishes.

"Christ came so that we could have life and have it in abundance"
(John 10:10b)

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