Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"The Gift of Raising"

Knowing you want the good for me and for her.
Knowing these moments may seem small.
Knowing these days we both are growing together.

These days are simple, precious and pure.
These days may sometimes seem tiring and trying.
These days are etched in our hearts forever more.

  Help me to love her honestly and perfectly.
Help me to rely on you when I don't.
Help me to know her like you know me.

These moments though precious, will soon be gone.
These days pass quicker than I can possibly realize.
These pearls of wisdom from only you are drawn.

Remind me the gift of motherhood is just that, a gift.
Remind me not to lose your pearls amongst the mess.
Remind me each day that the end of childhood will come swift.

Telling myself the world outside your will, doesn't matter.
Telling her only your love is real and perfect.
Telling the world of your love, with how I teach her.

As I grasp on to her childhood with all my might
As I look to you for guidance
As I keep my emotions in line with your perfect sight.

Praying to you with shouts of glory and of much Praise.
Praying when my patience is so small.
Praying for wisdom, for this child you gave to me to raise.

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