Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Is Better That I leave...

It Is Better That I Leave...

There was a time when I spent several years as the oppressed.  Spent
precious time feeling distraught, unempowered and wondering what to do next.

The last 8 or so years have truly been some of my best.  There is a great
reason for that.  The Lord saw  me in the mire and wreckage of
my life gone off the tracks. I had gone through divorce, a miscarriage, went
without a home of my own.  I had wonderful Christian families and friends that
prayed for me, sat with me as I lay unable to get off the kitchen floor. I had
 one friend bring pillows and she and I lay on the cool hard floor until the
wee hours of the morning.  I made bad decisions that would take a huge toll
on my body, heart and mind.  He took me from that place and set me into a
life bent on serving Him. He gave me a second chance. But before all of this
"saving", needless to say I felt, and was, a defeated women.
 I didn't understand the Holy Spirit and I spent hours praying
to feel wanted, loved and needed.  I didn't understand the one, the only one
that could make me truly know these things was already living inside me.

Did you know that in John 16:7 Jesus said to his disciples that it is
BETTER that he go away, and that unless He went away,
into heaven, the COUNSELOR would not be able to come.

That astonished me when I read that scripture today!  I have read that scripture
many times but this time God opened my eyes more than ever before.
Francis Chan writes 'Right now, imagine what it would be like to have
Christ standing beside you in the flesh, functioning as your personal
Counselor!'  Now hear what Jesus says.  "Its good that I
am going, if I don't the new COUNSELOR won't be able to come."

If we know Christ- truly know Him, the power of the Holy Spirit should
be, feel, be as evident to those around us, as IF CHRIST WAS
RIGHT HERE beside us. 

We go through horrible things.  This is part of life in many ways. It is a legacy
of sin.  Maybe not all of your own making, but the nature of sin is all around us.
The enemy will try to mangle what God has promised us.  If I
really understood, way back then, that the Holy Spirit was better
for me than if Jesus was standing right there beside me.  I do not think
 I would have been so defeated and bewildered.

But the ultimate truth is we are NOT ALONE.  The Spirit
of the HOLIEST resides inside of us.  What promise, what
power we should be drawing from these words.  Love, Joy, Peace
Long Suffering should be undeniable in our lives.  Take hold of
this truth today to move towards an empowered life.  The Holy Spirit is
our Power to live for Christ day in and day out!  To stand with us through
the trials of this life.  He resides in us, to direct, comfort, to be our conscious,
to be a friend that will never ever leave us.  No matter what the world
hurls at us and no matter what mistakes we make. 

Repentance, Gods Blessing, and total submission to His will are all hugely
involved but that is a whole other blog.  Just know this:  If you are
saved, if you have repented of sin, see your need for a savior and you
know only Christ can give this to you.  You have a bright shining light inside
of you.  You have a comfort that no human hands and no dark and dreaded
enemy can steal from you.  He is there for you, always. 
Believe and know
that the spirit that created this world into being, that Christ himself said is
better than himself for you, is ready to burst from that closet in your
heart that you pushed him into long ago. 

God has so much for us to do for His kingdom.  We must know
and use the gifts and power He bestowed upon us when we became
His children, to be able to fulfill our lives for Him.

My prayer today...Help me to know your Spirit in every way.
Draw me into a love so deep, Your new revelations I will keep.
I am no longer defeated, Rising from the Cross, Death and misery you cheated.
I am a conqueror for you today, no more bowing to the enemy of my spirits decay.
Help me feel your being in my soul, Don't let your power to me, the enemy control.
I am yours in every way!  Help me learn to live YOU in my every day.

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