Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Its Ok To Cry"

"Its Ok To Cry" 

Watching her laugh and play.  I see her sleeping. What she's dreaming of?
I wonder if she will ever know just how deep is a mothers love.

I Prayed all those prayers.  I waited so long to love her to hold her tight. 
She's looking so big.  How did she grow up so much, so beautiful over night.

How can I truly reveal.  Will she ever know how much she is loved? 
What a gift she was to us, unbridled joy, she was sent from God above.

Most wonderful and fun.  Days and years have just flown by. 
Some difficult when I knew we could not lead her without God by our side.

Wondering how.  Frustration reaches a fever pitch when I try to do this alone. 
How can I love her, teach her?  Someone who has been so lost and broken.

Frustration rears it head.  On days where my to do's out number my hours.
Don't let me fall prey to the enemy who would love to show me his power. 

His Love is forever.  Gods grace is stronger then my biggest mistakes. 
  He gave His Holy Spirit  and His Word to help us, this child raise.
Just yesterday she was tiny, new.  Faster and faster the days fly by.  
She's going to school, dresses herself, keeps a purse full of treasures at her side.

Tears will come as I wave goodbye.  What will I do without her at my side?
God answers "You may feel sadness, but she is loved by me and its OK to cry."

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Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

What sweet, heart-felt words. A mama's love does run so deep, doesn't it?

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