Friday, September 23, 2011

Definition of Sin

Definition of Sin

Sometimes God says  "wait on Me". It seems like forever after a giant leap
of faith but He says "Wait and watch".  Sometimes He says "Go and Do"
when fear grips you.  Sometimes He plainly says "No or else"

What is Sin - "Evil, moral shortcoming, wrong doing or disobedience.
Any action, thought, or attitude that does not meet the standards set by God.

That is Hard to hear.  Anything that doesn't meet God's

As I go through my day I often wonder -- "Have I done anything today that
wasn't what God wanted me to do?" Maybe a less than stellar reaction.
Maybe a grumbling about my husband to a friend.  A moment where I had no
faith and couldn't see God coming through so I took things into my own

As we go through our days there are choices.  Move now or stand still.
Speak up now or remain quiet.  Correct or let grace flow.  There are things
that we want to do.  Do I move forward or wait?  There are circumstances
that challenge us.  Do I step out on faith or do I stay where I am warm,
safe, and dry?

I heard a preacher once say, "The biggest action you can do for the
good in your life, is to make the right choices."  So simple... right?

Do we want to make choices outside God's will?  Do we want this definition
of sin to be a reality in our lives?  Most of us would say no.  The great
part of being a Christian is that we have a friend that sticks closer than
a brother.

What are you doing now to hear God's direction in your life?
God wants us to obey and be filled with Joy.  Are you keeping the lines
of communication open?  Take time to sit with God and get your
daily instructions from Him.  If we don't, rest assured we will be taking
direction from somewhere else.

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