Saturday, September 24, 2011

Next Week

Next Week

Next week is a big week for my little Blog. Simple Inspirations. I

am doing my first series. I am doing a 4 day series on Battle and

 Warfare. The first Post will be on Monday. It is called "Art Of War"

 This series is meaningful to me because I am not by nature a

 warrior. When God calls me into Battle my first reaction is to run.

 I am by personality a peacemaker. But... there are times when

 we must battle, address, discuss, hard meaningful topics. This

 small series explores where our mindset should be before, during

 and even after we do battle. It will explore what God's word says

 about doing battle. It explores who we are really fighting when it

 comes down to actual battle. The Blog itself is called "Simple

 Inspirations" on purpose. These are everyday thoughts,  everyday

 situations God has put in front of me. I am not a writer or a

 speaker. I am a Christian doing what I can to put Jesus out where

 others can see and hopefully get to know Him. I hope everyone

 who reads these will be helped, encouraged, tempted to think

 before their next encounter or battle.

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