Monday, September 26, 2011

Part 1 "Art Of War"

Art of War

The Bible often states that we are warring.  That the enemy is near - always!
That he is seeking, wanting to destroy and devour.  The Bible states that we
wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers of darkness.  The Bible
states to put on the whole armor of God.  Get ready.  Be prepared.  Stand firm.

As a christian I hear these words and I am ready to get out there!  I want
to yell, stand back!  Here I come world, satan, whoever doesn't know and love my savior.  I am amp-ed for battle and ready to tear someone's head off!

Getting into a battle is not about pure aggression.  At least not in God's battle.
I think we should look at a couple of things first:

  1.  Why are we battling? Are we ready to battle?
  2.  Who is our enemy?  Who exactly are we warring with?
  3.  What do we do with what is left over after a battle is launched, fought and ended?

I know about battle.  I know about love.  I know that I have many in my life that do not know and love the Lord.  I know that I better know why I battle. How I battle.  Who the "enemy" is exactly and what to do with the aftermath.  God impressed on my mind that I know not only that I must battle but that I do it not in a frenzy of emotion but in confidence in Him and what He will do through the truths I am discussing.  I have better put on the Armor of Gods word and been in prayer, humbly before the King of all Battle.

You may not have a close loved one who doesn't let the Lord rule and reign in his or her life.  I believe with all that is in me that each of us should follow the warring rules God has set out for us.  Know them each and be prepared to do battle whenever we are called.

In the next few days/entries, I want to unfold to you what the Lord has shown me.  More could very possibly be added, but here are a few pieces of ammunition that I believe we all need.

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