Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Savoring Living Water

Savoring Living Water...

To have a personal relationship with someone you must spend time with
that person!  Going past them and saying hello just does not describe
a personal relationship.  Doing the Flip book devotional is not enough.  You
are not getting enough of the God who created this whole universe.

Katie Orr and Lara Williams' Book, Savoring Living Water, is SO much more
than a step by step guide to having personal, one on one time with God and
His word.  It does give step by step instruction for all those hungry for God's word.  It also helps those of us who, can't quite figure out how to actually make it work with demanding schedules, and kids crying out for us.  It gives us clear cut tools to make happen, that elusive alone time that we as God's children so desperately need.  But...it goes so much deeper and farther than just that.
As this book moves along I realize, this book itself is teaching me more about the Lord I already love.  This book will lay out not just why we need that alone time with God but how to see it "Overflowing" in our lives. Once you read it you will want your friends to read it.  There are wonderful insights and Katie and Lara's love for their fellow mom's, sister's, friends and their desire to grow other people into people who love and know God better, is so very evident.

Follow the link below.  Get one of these books and see for yourself.  Put God's word into your life in a bigger, better, and more meaningful way.  Grow your relationship from waving hello to God into quality, loving, getting your armor on, encouraging, to overflowing for the world to see, time with the Lord we love so very much. 

(Order their book here and sign up for some great giveaways)

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Lara said...

Thank you, friend, for those kind words. Praying that many are encouraged and inspired. AND that many verses of the Bible get translated through our partnership with OneVerse.org. So excited about that!

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